Will orthopaedic sandals be the ‘it’ trend next summer?

I know most of you may think I am jumping the gun when it comes to footwear fashion for next summer, but my eyes didn't deceive me when i was surfing through the Daily Mail. Apparently Worishofers – playfully dubbed as "bunion shoes" – may be gracing the feet of women everywhere when warmer weather comes back.

Although Europeans still haven't caught on to the trend, fashion divas like Maggie Gyllenhaal, Kirsten Dunst and M.I.A. have all been … Continue Reading

Hall of Fame kicker with foot problems holds the record for NFL’s longest field goal

Ask any sports fan who was alive in 1977 and they can remember it: the historic 63-yard field goal that was kicked by Tom Dempsey. Although football kickers and punters are typically the butt of many jokes among sportscasters and reporters, nobody doubts the prowess of Dempsey – and his trusty orthotic device.

The new American pastime
I am an American, so of course I am a fan of football. While watching a game last Sunday, (bloody mary in one … Continue Reading

Hit the gym, ladies: Exercise is good for your bunion!

This may not be the best news to some of you ladies out there who are planning on indulging this holiday season, there are plenty of reasons to get back on that treadmill, and that includes your bunion pain. Overeating and not exercising won't just make your joints beg for mercy, healthy nutrition and moderate exercise are the best ways to keep looking young, fresh and energized!

Lace up your sneakers
Based on information from the Harvard Medical SchoolContinue Reading

Kate Middleton’s bun in the oven could mean more bad news for her bunions

The media leapt with joy upon hearing the news of Kate Middleton – the world's most famous princess. Although rumors have been circulating in the tabloids for quite some time, many people, and especially us anglophiles, were thrilled to hear that the princess was expecting the next heir to the British crown.

A royal affair
Like many of you ladies out there, I am quite obsessed with the royal family (who wouldn't be with all of their salacious scandals!), so … Continue Reading

Victoria Beckham is back to her old bunion-exacerbating ways

As the saying goes, "old habits die hard." All I needed to do was take one look at Victoria Beckham's mangled feet to find some truth to this statement. Someone formerly called "Posh Spice" should know that the hottest fashion trends don't necessarily mean your former foot problems are going to disappear. 

Victoria's sordid foot history
Like me, this woman knows all too well what happens when you get bunions. The former pop star turned fashion designer has been … Continue Reading

Nike helps diminish foot pain and rakes in 2012 profits

It's been a very good year for Nike. For many Americans, the Nike swoosh has become as iconic as baseball, Coca-Cola and apple pie, and I am no different.

I follow many hunky athletes, and the vast majority of them tend to pick the shoe giant as their provider for all things athletic – famous or not. According to Advertising Age, Nike is soaring above all other competitors in 2012, and they have the London Olympics to thank for … Continue Reading

The debate continues over cosmetic surgery for foot problems

Just how far will people go to make their feet pretty? Quite far, surprisingly enough … and let me just say I have seen a lot when it comes to feet. It's no walk in the park to blitz a bunion by going under the knife, but disturbing cosmetic foot surgeries continue to intrigue women across the country.

I've never understood how having your foot maimed was considered sexy in the first place, but according to Podiatry Today, many … Continue Reading

The psychology behind high heels – and what it means for your bunion

I personally have never understood the love affair that women have with sky-high shoes. Have heels ever gone down in height? I guess flats made a comeback for a hot minute, but honestly, I simply cannot go shopping anymore without seeing the heels rise further and further into the stratosphere. Sure, they make your legs and butt look good, but is there something more psychological behind female obsession with stilettos?

Personal or business?
A columnist from the Tucson Weekly recently … Continue Reading

England’s most successful foot model dishes about pain in the feet

This woman may have the luckiest job in the world. Who wouldn't want to get paid $4,500 a photo session to trot around in designer Louboutins and get free pedicures? Although it wouldn't be nearly as sexy, maybe I should get into modeling devices like the Bunion Brace to earn a few extra dollars on the side?

In the foot-obsessed British publication, the Daily Mail, Gemma Howorth lives in the posh neighborhood of Chelsea in London's stylish west side … Continue Reading

A ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’-themed pedicure for my bunion? Sign me up!

I am not ashamed to admit that I haven't been able to put down the ever-so-popular page turner "Fifty Shades of Grey," a book so tawdry I think that, like bunions, I wouldn't mention the details in mixed company. However, some women are embracing both of these female favorites (where can I meet these gals?), according to Glamour magazine.

Oprah, another woman who like myself knows all about bunions, was a pioneer in the book club phenomenon in the … Continue Reading