So long, 2012! Enter: Winter’s worst foot problems

The ball has dropped, I have finally recovered from my hangover from New Year's Eve and have started to get back into the grind of daily life after the hub bub of the holidays. Although I thought rushing around for gifts and dancing the night away a few nights ago was going to to be the main cause of my foot pain, I have Old Man Winter to thank instead.

In case you haven't noticed yet … it's cold! I mean – really, really cold. Although my feet take a beating year-round, my toes are especially tempermental once the temperatures start to drop. Although I have my good ol' orthotics that easily fit into my snug winter boots to help avoid bunions, there is little this device can do to protect my feet from the harsh winter winds.

In lieu of another wave of winters storms headed across the country at the start of 2013, I thought I'd give a few helpful hints about how to keep your feet looking and feeling great during these chilly months that lie ahead:

• This should be common sense to most of you, but make sure to wear warm boots during this time of year … the only thing worse than a bunion is a frostbitten one! I don't know about you guys, but I am planning on staying indoors. However, if you plan on hitting the slopes or braving the ice – make sure to pair those boots with some warm, wool socks.
• If you prefer to be curbside, take caution in walking on sidewalks too. Not all merchants are concerned with salting the outside of their establishments, so it is important to take extra time and care when window shopping.
• According to Daily Glow, cracked heels and flaky skin can making walking less-than-desirable when icy winds begin to blow. Although it isn't pretty, you aren't the only one. Wearing moisturizing socks at night or simply rubbing a cream-based solution – like body butter – on your feet can help keep your toes pretty and soft.
• Everyone knows I love a good pedicure, but even I have had to be careful about soaking my feet for too long. Hot water can zap your skin dry – making the effects of a pedi not seem worth it.

As always, make sure to invest in the right shoes – especially in the winter. Keeping your feet healthy and moisturized now will make your feet look great once swimsuit season (eek!) returns.