Will orthopaedic sandals be the ‘it’ trend next summer?

I know most of you may think I am jumping the gun when it comes to footwear fashion for next summer, but my eyes didn't deceive me when i was surfing through the Daily Mail. Apparently Worishofers – playfully dubbed as "bunion shoes" – may be gracing the feet of women everywhere when warmer weather comes back.

Although Europeans still haven't caught on to the trend, fashion divas like Maggie Gyllenhaal, Kirsten Dunst and M.I.A. have all been seen sporting Worishofers, an orthopaedic shoe manufactured in Germany that is causing many of the fashion elite to raise their eyebrows – this is certainly not your average pair of Louboutins.

According to Slate, this all started after the shoes were called "chic" and "ridiculously comfortable" by Lucky magazine in 2006, and the manufacturer has been enjoying success ever since. Since 2009, the president of Buddy Shoes – one of the few distributors of Worishofers in the United States – has tripled his sales because of the growing footwear trend. What the source is calling "granny-chic" should become the must-have for any sartorially-minded fashionista – especially those who are suffering from bunions. Although they have been marketed to the under-40 crowd stateside, pregnant women and people dealing with foot problems have been enjoying these trendy
orthopaedic sandals for years.

For me, this news couldn't be better. Paired with a shoe insert, I can still look fashionable and aid my sore bunion at the same time! Podiatrists and the fashion elite have both accredited these bunion-friendly sandals. Since I do quite a bit of walking – and I know many of you ladies do the same – sandals with proper support are the best options for your bunion, especially during the summer months when you're trying to cram in vacation time or rush the kids around.

The shoe world is tricky, so the verdict still isn't in on whether or not Worishofers will make their way to the feet of even more celebrities (ahem, Victoria Beckham). However, this is definitely a step in the right direction if you are trying to stay fashionable and stave off foot pain. Until then, I will continue to wear my beloved orthotic and continue to hope for the day when high heels are finally out of fashion.