What does your foot pain say about you?

A woman's gait has been romanticized by many songwriters over the years (you know … "It's in the way she walks …"), but is there any truth to whether or not my bunions reveal a powerful first impression? Apparently so, according to the Scientific American.

From job interviews to holiday parties and many horrific first dates, I have been through more than my share of first encounters. However, I never realized how quickly we "sum up" each other based on the way we walk until I read an article from this publication.

Don't judge a book by its cover?
I know I probably spend more time than I would like to admit when it comes to judging others' footwear choices, but apparently I have sound science to back up my bad habits. Every time I make fun of Snooki taking a tumble in her crazy, bunion-inducing platforms, I am actually engaging in a behavior that scientists believe is innate in all of us. From the shoes we choose to wear and the way we move in them, our gaits reveal quite a lot about us. The Scientific American even highlighted a study that examined human reactions to participants who watched silent videos of stick figures and then recorded their observations based on body movements alone.

What they found was pretty startling to me (and you all know I have seen and heard everything). Based on gait alone, the participants determined personality traits like adventurousness, extraversion, neuroticism, trustworthiness, warmth and approachability. Who knew your feet could tell so much about you?

This applies to the bedroom as well
I know what you must be thinking … what on earth does my bunion have to do with my sex life? Well, hold onto your orthotic, because this news may be even more shocking. According to a Belgian study highlighted by Cosmopolitan magazine, your strut can reveal quite a bit when it comes to the way you move under the sheets.

Yep, you heard that right. According to their findings, women who have a more fulfilling sex life take longer strides and move their hips more. Their findings were spot-on too, as the sex researchers were able to pinpoint the walkers with better sex lives with 81 percent accuracy. And you thought your gait was all about your personality, huh?