New Year’s and Red Carpet season are here: A primetime viewing of foot pain

So the holidays are finally over, snow has completely blanketed the ground outside of my home and all I want to do is prop up my bunion on the couch and take a breather or two. After weeks and months of shopping, endless holiday parties and the annual event of being around family members I hardly ever see, I think it is time for a little distraction and well-deserved "me" time.

Enter: The New Year's and Red Carpet season! Most of you know I am obsessed with this time of year, mostly because everyone dresses to the nines, sips on champagne and dances the night away (what's not to like?). However, as I well know after watching the ball drop with foot pain for several years, your footwear is as big of a choice for these festivities as your hot date or the cab you will most assuredly be taking home later.

When it comes to fashion, we look to Hollywood for all of the trends that are going to be rocking the shelves this year. With the Golden Globes and Oscars coming up soon, you can bet that all of the beautiful people are beginning their juice cleanses, amping up their Pilates sessions, getting their faces filled with botox and practicing their walk down the Red Carpet in Louboutins (well, the ladies are anyway).

I personally have been in awe of the way that these ladies seemingly float on a cloud at New Year's parties and Red Carpet events in their high heels. I know from past events, I have had serious problems with gravity when it came to walking from my front door the car – let alone under the bright lights and glare of the cameras. According to a blog from The Huffington Post, the feet of the stars are often going through as much work as their faces to prepare for the big night, whether it be on the glittering streets of NYC on New Years or in the midst of glitz and glamour for Oscar night.

More celebs are opting for fat replacement surgery in their feet. Never heard of it? There is a reason. Although these are extreme measures, some celebs are taking the fat from their thighs and putting it into the balls of the feet for better cushioning! No offense, Hollywood, but I think I will be doing just fine with a foot insert rather than resorting to these tactics.

And besides, if you look fabulous from the ankles up, who the hell is going to be looking at your feet anyway?