Kate Middleton’s bun in the oven could mean more bad news for her bunions

The media leapt with joy upon hearing the news of Kate Middleton – the world's most famous princess. Although rumors have been circulating in the tabloids for quite some time, many people, and especially us anglophiles, were thrilled to hear that the princess was expecting the next heir to the British crown.

A royal affair
Like many of you ladies out there, I am quite obsessed with the royal family (who wouldn't be with all of their salacious scandals!), so I was understandably excited to hear that the princess was expecting. However, since Kate is already developing quite a nasty bunion on her feet, it may be time to put away her Vera Wang pumps and opt for more comfortable shoes due to the extra weight she will be carrying around on her tiny frame.

During a pre-Olympic visit to a judo center to promote the London Games this past summer, the world gasped when they saw Kate Middleton's tootsies. Not only is it pretty strange to see a member of the royal family barefoot, Kate's feet … how do I put this … weren't exactly fit for a princess; redness, flaking, bruising and the early signs of a bunion were all there. Although sweet Kate can get away with these problems while she is young, her bun in the oven isn't going to do her aching feet any favors.

Pregnancy hormones are to blame
According to Dr. Steve Rosenburg, women's feet change during pregnancy (among other body parts, as we ladies all know). In a Huffington Post article, he highlighted that the hormone called relaxin targets weight-bearing ligaments in the pelvis to prepare a woman for childbirth, but this hormone also stretches the arches and toes of the foot, often causing conditions like flat feet. Although this hormone is a good thing for Kate since it is preparing room for her growing royal bundle, her feet, unfortunately, may never be the dainty toesies they once were.

If Kate thought that her royal duties were keeping her on her toes, just wait until her impending flat feet turn her burgeoning bunion into something much worse. Being pregnant is uncomfortable enough – why put your feet through anymore added stress with high heels? Princess Kate's feet need a little extra TLC during this time, not her trademark pumps … I hope Prince William gives a mean foot rub, because she is definitely going to need it.