Hit the gym, ladies: Exercise is good for your bunion!

This may not be the best news to some of you ladies out there who are planning on indulging this holiday season, there are plenty of reasons to get back on that treadmill, and that includes your bunion pain. Overeating and not exercising won't just make your joints beg for mercy, healthy nutrition and moderate exercise are the best ways to keep looking young, fresh and energized!

Lace up your sneakers
Based on information from the Harvard Medical School (I believe they know a thing or two about health), self-help measures are some of the best ways to make bony bumps a little less irritating. You've heard me warn about the perils of high heels before, but there is a shoe that could spell relief for your bunion pain – your trusty pair of tennis shoes.

Although exercise is important, not everyone likes to slave away on the elliptical machine. Although this may work for some of you gals out there, I am getting too old to be jogging away on a piece of cardio equipment (not a pretty sight). However, that doesn't mean that I don't make time for fitness. Not only is aging gracefully one of my main goals (fingers crossed), staying active and flexible is one of the best ways to keep my irritating bunion off of my mind. So what is a girl to do about losing weight with a bunion?

Get down with your 'Downward Facing Dog'
I am painfully aware that bunion pain occurs within the bones of the feet. However, taking advice from the Livestrong Foundation, yoga has become my exercise of choice. It's important to know that yoga isn't a quick fix or a cure all – but it can become quite useful for slowing down the growing out of those annoying bunions. An added bonus? Yoga can also help promote your mobility and keep you looking lean (what girl wouldn't want that?).

Some of the poses I have found that work best for my bunion include standing with my feet planted firmly on the ground with my toes spread and somewhat gripping the yoga mat. The bunion bone turns inward, so standing positions with the direct opposition of its growth are the best poses to show that bunion who is boss. Some of the poses that the foundation recommended include: warrior, tadasana, vrkasana and utkatasana (good luck with pronouncing some of those).