Victoria Beckham is back to her old bunion-exacerbating ways

As the saying goes, "old habits die hard." All I needed to do was take one look at Victoria Beckham's mangled feet to find some truth to this statement. Someone formerly called "Posh Spice" should know that the hottest fashion trends don't necessarily mean your former foot problems are going to disappear. 

Victoria's sordid foot history
Like me, this woman knows all too well what happens when you get bunions. The former pop star turned fashion designer has been having issues with her feet since the Spice Girls were still a band (that is a long time, for you younger readers). Rumors are still swirling around London about whether or not Victoria went under the knife to correct her bony bumps.

I don't want to be too hard on Victoria because she isn't a complete dunce (she had the good sense to marry that sexy husband of hers, am I right?) However, I have a rough idea of why Victoria's long and uncomfortable history with pain in the feet has been hitting the tabloids year after year – and I bet the answer is lying in her closet (closets?) full of death-defying Louboutins.

She was spotted just recently in one of her own garment designs, which I have to say looked sensational on her svelte frame, especially after four kids. However, the outfit would have paired perfectly with some stylish flats instead of the outlandishly spiky and uncomfortable knee-high heeled boots she was wearing.

Some women will never learn
Rumor has it that her hunk of a husband, David Beckham, is calling it quits stateside (say it ain't so!) and bringing their life back to England so that their kids can spend their school years there, so the fashion-conscious pair have been seen shopping for a new flat in the luxurious West London neighborhoods recently.

Ok … I've never been to London, but I can't imagine that this is what a typical British woman would be wearing while looking for a new pad. Apartment hunting is a chore, not a runway show! And besides, she should know better after all of her years with issues related to bunions.

As her shoes continue to reach new heights, there is a chance her bunions will come back if she did indeed have surgery. Studies have shown that just because you go through a procedure to correct your bunions doesn't mean they go away for life, especially if you have a love affair with towering heels like our friend, Mrs. Beckham.