England’s most successful foot model dishes about pain in the feet

This woman may have the luckiest job in the world. Who wouldn't want to get paid $4,500 a photo session to trot around in designer Louboutins and get free pedicures? Although it wouldn't be nearly as sexy, maybe I should get into modeling devices like the Bunion Brace to earn a few extra dollars on the side?

In the foot-obsessed British publication, the Daily Mail, Gemma Howorth lives in the posh neighborhood of Chelsea in London's stylish west side and recently explained what the best job in the world entails. Apparently, it isn't nearly as glamorous as I thought. Even though Howorth does get fabulous free shoes and pedicures 24/7, she has to do everything short of obtaining an insurance plan to make sure her feet are in top condition.

"A bunion could be the end of my career, so anything other than comfy flats are strictly reserved for special occasions." she told the Daily Mail. "I do keep a few pairs that I love in my wardrobe – but mostly I just have to admire them from afar."

Howorth went on to explain that teetering around in sexy heels is dangerous not only because of a pesky bunion, but possible trips and falls. I have seen this happen numerous times on my nights out with my BFF. After my friend has more than two vodka and sodas, she takes at least one tumble (and at least a handful of toddler strolls) in her stilettos. To save myself from embarrassment and further injury, I'm usually on Howorth's side – I'll stick to my trusty flats every time.

If Ms. Howorth has a big shoot coming up, she will camp out in her apartment for days wearing nothing but UGGs and rubbing lotion onto her feet. She told the source that she has spent thousands of dollars in moisturizing treatments for her toesies. Talk about your foot-friendly professional investment! Apparently, I am in the wrong profession. A weekend of painting my toes and rubbing my bunion with the best treatments on the market sounds like paradise.

However, modeling feet can put a damper on your social life. Howorth has said that she has missed out on parties and social events in the past because of the attention she has to give to her feet. 

Don't take it from me, ladies – take it from one of the world's best foot models and save those heels for special occasions. A bunion is an ugly, annoying thing – but it can be avoided.