A ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’-themed pedicure for my bunion? Sign me up!

I am not ashamed to admit that I haven't been able to put down the ever-so-popular page turner "Fifty Shades of Grey," a book so tawdry I think that, like bunions, I wouldn't mention the details in mixed company. However, some women are embracing both of these female favorites (where can I meet these gals?), according to Glamour magazine.

Oprah, another woman who like myself knows all about bunions, was a pioneer in the book club phenomenon in the 1990s, making reading posh again. Heck, today authors are lining up to get Oprah's stamp of approval – a nod from her has sent many writers into superstardom. Today the book club has now evolved its way from the bedside table to the foot spa, and I couldn't be happier about it. According to a recent fashion article in The New York Times, the hottest pedicures in the Big Apple don't involve flesh-eating fish or lasers, but simply a glass of wine, a fabulous pedicure and good conversation about the latest bestseller.

You may be thinking, "Bunion-Ella, you mentioned 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' are you sure there isn't any bondage going on with this new pedicure fad?" Nope. In fact, you can get a deep-tissue massage and discuss practically any book on the market. Although this recent foot phenomenon has taken off with high-society ladies in the Big Apple, women from Texas to California are slowly picking up on the trend.

Apparently authors are capitalizing on this foot rub phenomenon too. The Times reported that some authors have held female-geared book signings and meet-and-greets inside the foot spas themselves. The best part about this? You could get your bunion rubbed and talk to your favorite writer at the same time. The foot spas are happy about this as well, because it gives them much-needed exposure and promotion. It's not a surprise that women love pedicures, and the pressure is on for many foot spas to find the next "it" fad to get ladies into the massage chairs during the cold winter months when many ladies forego the luxury of a good foot rub.

There have been some wacky pedicure fads pop up out of NYC in the past – but this is first one in awhile that I can actually get on board with. When the next edition of "Fifty Shades" comes out – you'll know where to find me.