Thank your mama for your bunions

Let's face it – our mothers have all driven us nuts at one point or another, and in turn, one of the biggest fears most of us have is becoming exactly like her. We've all had that moment looking in the mirror. The crow's feet, the wrinkles, not to mention the sagging – we all start to realize that sooner or later, those familiar blemishes we grew to love on our moms are starting to wreak havoc on our faces and bodies. As it turns out, I also have my mom to thank for one particularly annoying "blemish" – my bunions.

The science is pretty legit on this – even Harvard Medical School says so: if your mama had bunions, chances are you are going to have them, too. Just like the size of your breasts, skin condition and height, foot structure and shape trickles down from generation to generation. Loose joints and tendons, feet that are flat (my mom calls them "Fred Flintstone feet"), and low arches are all major triggers for those bony bumps that we hate. Mom always warned me when I was young that wearing those platform heels was gonna give me bunions one day – as always, mom knows best.

Stress on your feet repetitively isn't going to help either. I know many of my readers out there are teachers and nurses, so brace yourself for this news as well – Harvard found in the same study regarding hereditary that these jobs that require a lot of standing bring on the bunions too. Since these occupations are traditionally filled by us ladies, this might be one of the many reasons that women are 10 times more likely to get bunions than men. Doesn't seem fair, does it?

Don't get me wrong, I love my mother … but why did she have to pass down these annoying bunions? Why couldn't it have been a perfect butt? The good news is that unlike saggy appendages, wrinkles and crabbiness, our bunion pain doesn't necessarily have to be hereditary. There are many resources like orthotics available to keep the bunions at bay. Throwing out those painful, narrow shoes that women can't seem to avoid is also a good way to stave off those bony bumps.

So the next time you call your mom – be sure to dish about your bunion, because chances are, she had one too and might be able to give you some sound advice.