Shoe giant Puma is experiencing something worse than pain in the feet

Add this to the list of drama-filled events in the shoe world, ladies. Based on weak sales, the shoe magnate we all know as Puma is experiencing something much more dire than foot pain.

Perhaps it is the crappy economy, (I don't know about you, but I have definitely had to cut back my shoe shopping) maybe Nike and Adidas are giving them a run for their money, but Pumas is announcing a freefall drop in sales, even in their biggest market – Europe. This is a real shocker for me … during my travels across the pond, every woman I saw seemed to be donning a pair of these sneakers when they were working out.

According to Reuters, it seems that although they may have made some gains with us gals, this once powerful shoe giant is bearing the brunt of the free market by not developing the many high-tech running and soccer shoes as Nike and Adidas has.

I have always had a soft spot for Puma because of their pro-woman advertising that promoted female empowerment. Although an old adage in the world of female workout gear is "pink it and shrink it," I've never felt like my curves weren't appreciated when wearing my favorite sports bra (or pair of kicks) from this brand. Puma has even worked with fashion designers I absolutely adore such as Christian Siriano to make female sports uniforms more stylish and unique to a woman's body (who doesn't love that?).

Some lines of Pumas are even recommended footwear for bunions! highlighted Pumas, especially the company's mesh shoes, as being particularly built for women with bunions. While most mesh shoes have a snug fit, the mesh provides more "forgiveness" to your bunion, allowing  the shoe to move with you as you run after your kids or you are walking with some gal pals after work. Ahh….now, if only everything could be built like that – snug, yet accommodating. I know some tampon makers could take this advice…maybe they should look into mesh???

However, it seems that showing the ladies a little love isn't going to make Pumas fly off the shelves like a pair of Louboutins do when Victoria Beckham goes shoe shopping. The company is currently looking to reduce its product range by 30 percent and is wisely revamping their fall 2013 line. It's about time, if I do say so myself. Since Puma is owned by the same company as Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, perhaps they should take a few pointers from those fashion giants, seeing as they don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.