Scary, bunion-exacerbating shoes even Lady Gaga would shy away from

 Just in time for Halloween, South African designer Leanie Van der Vyver has created the world's most terrifying shoe for all of us ladies suffering from bunion pain. Standing well over a foot in height with an asymmetric and geometric design, these heels might need to come equipped with a few bodyguards just to keep whoever is wearing them in a vertical position!

Everyone knows I love celebrity gossip, especially when it comes to shoes, and because of the insane design of these pumps, there is plenty of buzz circulating around the internet about whether or not Lady Gaga will wear the shoes to her next red carpet appearance. This may not come as a surprise to some, seeing as the pop songstress is known for her wacky entrances. I mean, who could forget that bizarre egg arrival that because infamous at the 2011 Grammys? However, if the "Born this Way" singer decides to don these new shoes, she may need to be carried out (and not because of whatever she may be "on" that evening).

The shoes were actually intended to be an art piece for a fine arts thesis in Amsterdam, believe it or not. They have become so famous in the shoe world that they even have their own title – "Scary Beautiful" – which is quite appropriate due to the havoc these skyscraper heels will reap on your feet. There is even a viral video of a model struggling to walk in the shoes, which caused more than a few hearty laughs.

The shoes made the model look a newborn baby trying to learn how to walk, and perhaps that is what Van der Vyver was going for, since the shoes are meant to illustrate "today's unattainable standards of beauty." Either way, I wouldn't put it past Lady Gaga to don these nosebleed heels to her next function.

This isn't the first time the pop star has been in the spotlight because of her looney footwear. Gaga has been spotted taking a tumble in platforms as high as nine inches. Obviously, looking like a fool and enduring foot pain in public takes practice.

Victoria Beckham, a fellow friend and fashionista, completely supported the diva in a statement in the Daily Mail saying, "I have a lot of respect that she can walk in those shoes going through airports, I think she's really doing her thing."

If 'doing your thing' means falling all over the place, I think I'll pass this Halloween and happily walk straight (and bunion-free) in my orthotic to the cocktail bar.