It’s not easy being a woman

From waxing to pelvic exams to mammograms, women are used to having their bodies poked and prodded, but one of the most "overworked" – if you get my drift – parts of women's appendages is their wallets. The rundown of being a woman in today's society is anything but easy, and even harder on our purse. As if I don't have enough to worry about with my bunion, AOL sent over this frightening stat to me: Over the span of a lifetime, it costs an average of $849,000 just to be born female. Whew … talk about a gender gap!

Some of the reasons why:
Sure, there are a lot of parameters at play here. It's a given that some ladies take a dip in their salary when they take time off to chase kids around or care for elderly parents … but honestly, men could just as easily take these cuts as well. And with their every dollar to our 75 cents, they should have money to burn – am I right, or am I right? It is also no secret that women live longer (an average of 5 years longer, actually). But did you know that women pay about 30 percent more than men in health insurance premiums? Yep, you heard that right. Because of services to women like childbirth, pap smears and breast exams – not exactly the most pleasant of activities, right? – the gap extends to about $44,000 between the college and Medicare eligibility years.

Why women pay more
While most of us would rather skip our yearly pap smear – no one enjoys becoming familiar with a pair of "metal duck lips," as my friend calls them – most annual and major medical procedures aren't those that we can avoid. However, preventative care may allow us ladies to save more than a few bucks.

One way to put some extra cash toward your savings (or shoe shopping, let's be honest), is to use your trusty orthotic instead of taking time away from work due to bunion surgery. With the added cost of simply being a woman, the last thing we need is another medical procedure to add to the list. 

If you find yourself salivating over the latest stilettos – hey, some ladies love the pumps! – you might want to try a wedge or a chunkier heel to give your tootsies a bit more surface area to work with. A rounded toe will also give your feet a bit more breathing room, even if they are less effective at kicking jerks at bars … did I just say that?

And if giving up your favorite 6-inchers is still too much, the least you can do is stretch. Yeah, stretch! After a few minutes of loosening your calves and tendons, separate each of your toes and give them some much needed TLC. Hey, after a lifetime of having our money and bodies being unwillingly shoved around, the least we can do for ourselves is push our appendages in the ways that will be beneficial.