Ashton Kutcher helps cure Mila Kunis’ foot problems with an extravagant foot rub

The way for any man to win my heart is through my bunion, and apparently the same is true for (the future Mrs. Ashton Kutcher?) Mila Kunis. Demi Moore – if you are reading this this blog, you may want to cover your eyes.

Looking tired after an exhausting week of hanging out together in Kutcher's home in the Hollywood Hills (tough life, right?), the new "it" couple was seen in the posh neighborhood of Studio City at a trendy Thai-style foot spa called the Pampered Foot – this place sounds like it should be in my living room! According to People Magazine, the couple enjoyed an hour-long foot rub paid by Kutcher and Kunis enjoyed an early dinner at Hollywood's historic Musso and Frank Grill.

Some ladies have all the luck. Even though the salacious and raunchy details of this relationship are still causing whispers amongst L.A. circles, the fact remains that Ashton is obviously putting his best foot forward – quite literally – with his new girlfriend, Mila Kunis. The couple apparently needed some well-deserved quality time together since the two have had intense work and filming schedules that have kept them away from each other.

Apparently Ashton's mama raised him right! What girl doesn't want to take her achy bunion into a decadent foot spa and have her tootsies rubbed for an hour after being away from her man for weeks? … And who wouldn't want to look at Ashton's hot bod while doing so? Sounds like the perfect Saturday (heck, any day) for me, but you couldn't tell by the pout on Mila's face. Perhaps her foot pain got the better of her.

There are rumors swirling around L.A. that Mila is showing a bit of a baby bump, which may account for the foot pain as well. It's well known that pregnant ladies could spend nine months nursing a bunion rather than themselves. Feet tend to get annoyingly flat during pregnancy due to pesky hormones and extra pounds, and flat feet are well known to bring on the bunions. Mila was recently spotted with quite the bulge on her tiny frame. Esquire recently named Miss Kunis the "Sexiest Woman Alive" (sorry, Demi), so if she pulled off that title with a baby in tow and foot problems, we tip our hats. Or maybe the foot massage led to the
baby bump? … I know it would have worked for this lady!