Ashton Kutcher helps cure Mila Kunis’ foot problems with an extravagant foot rub

The way for any man to win my heart is through my bunion, and apparently the same is true for (the future Mrs. Ashton Kutcher?) Mila Kunis. Demi Moore – if you are reading this this blog, you may want to cover your eyes.

Looking tired after an exhausting week of hanging out together in Kutcher's home in the Hollywood Hills (tough life, right?), the new "it" couple was seen in the posh neighborhood of Studio City at a trendy Thai-style foot spa called the Pampered Foot – this place sounds like it should be in my living room! According to People Magazine, the couple enjoyed an hour-long foot rub paid by Kutcher and Kunis enjoyed an early dinner at Hollywood's historic Musso and Frank Grill.

Some ladies have all the luck. Even though the salacious and raunchy details of this relationship are still causing whispers amongst L.A. circles, the fact remains that Ashton is obviously putting his best foot forward – quite literally – with his new girlfriend, Mila Kunis. The couple apparently needed some well-deserved quality time together since the two have had intense work and filming schedules that have kept them away from each other.

Apparently Ashton's mama raised him right! What girl doesn't want to take her achy bunion into a decadent foot spa and have her tootsies rubbed for an hour after being away from her man for weeks? … And who wouldn't want to look at Ashton's hot bod while doing so? Sounds like the perfect Saturday (heck, any day) for me, but you couldn't tell by the pout on Mila's face. Perhaps her foot pain got the better of her.

There are rumors swirling around L.A. that Mila is showing a bit of a baby bump, which may account for the foot pain as well. It's well known that pregnant ladies could spend nine months nursing a bunion rather than themselves. Feet tend to get annoyingly flat during pregnancy due to pesky hormones and extra pounds, and flat feet are well known to bring on the bunions. Mila was recently spotted with quite the bulge on her tiny frame. Esquire recently named Miss Kunis the "Sexiest Woman Alive" (sorry, Demi), so if she pulled off that title with a baby in tow and foot problems, we tip our hats. Or maybe the foot massage led to the
baby bump? … I know it would have worked for this lady!

Scary, bunion-exacerbating shoes even Lady Gaga would shy away from

 Just in time for Halloween, South African designer Leanie Van der Vyver has created the world's most terrifying shoe for all of us ladies suffering from bunion pain. Standing well over a foot in height with an asymmetric and geometric design, these heels might need to come equipped with a few bodyguards just to keep whoever is wearing them in a vertical position!

Everyone knows I love celebrity gossip, especially when it comes to shoes, and because of the insane design of these pumps, there is plenty of buzz circulating around the internet about whether or not Lady Gaga will wear the shoes to her next red carpet appearance. This may not come as a surprise to some, seeing as the pop songstress is known for her wacky entrances. I mean, who could forget that bizarre egg arrival that because infamous at the 2011 Grammys? However, if the "Born this Way" singer decides to don these new shoes, she may need to be carried out (and not because of whatever she may be "on" that evening).

The shoes were actually intended to be an art piece for a fine arts thesis in Amsterdam, believe it or not. They have become so famous in the shoe world that they even have their own title – "Scary Beautiful" – which is quite appropriate due to the havoc these skyscraper heels will reap on your feet. There is even a viral video of a model struggling to walk in the shoes, which caused more than a few hearty laughs.

The shoes made the model look a newborn baby trying to learn how to walk, and perhaps that is what Van der Vyver was going for, since the shoes are meant to illustrate "today's unattainable standards of beauty." Either way, I wouldn't put it past Lady Gaga to don these nosebleed heels to her next function.

This isn't the first time the pop star has been in the spotlight because of her looney footwear. Gaga has been spotted taking a tumble in platforms as high as nine inches. Obviously, looking like a fool and enduring foot pain in public takes practice.

Victoria Beckham, a fellow friend and fashionista, completely supported the diva in a statement in the Daily Mail saying, "I have a lot of respect that she can walk in those shoes going through airports, I think she's really doing her thing."

If 'doing your thing' means falling all over the place, I think I'll pass this Halloween and happily walk straight (and bunion-free) in my orthotic to the cocktail bar.

Shoe giant Puma is experiencing something worse than pain in the feet

Add this to the list of drama-filled events in the shoe world, ladies. Based on weak sales, the shoe magnate we all know as Puma is experiencing something much more dire than foot pain.

Perhaps it is the crappy economy, (I don't know about you, but I have definitely had to cut back my shoe shopping) maybe Nike and Adidas are giving them a run for their money, but Pumas is announcing a freefall drop in sales, even in their biggest market – Europe. This is a real shocker for me … during my travels across the pond, every woman I saw seemed to be donning a pair of these sneakers when they were working out.

According to Reuters, it seems that although they may have made some gains with us gals, this once powerful shoe giant is bearing the brunt of the free market by not developing the many high-tech running and soccer shoes as Nike and Adidas has.

I have always had a soft spot for Puma because of their pro-woman advertising that promoted female empowerment. Although an old adage in the world of female workout gear is "pink it and shrink it," I've never felt like my curves weren't appreciated when wearing my favorite sports bra (or pair of kicks) from this brand. Puma has even worked with fashion designers I absolutely adore such as Christian Siriano to make female sports uniforms more stylish and unique to a woman's body (who doesn't love that?).

Some lines of Pumas are even recommended footwear for bunions! highlighted Pumas, especially the company's mesh shoes, as being particularly built for women with bunions. While most mesh shoes have a snug fit, the mesh provides more "forgiveness" to your bunion, allowing  the shoe to move with you as you run after your kids or you are walking with some gal pals after work. Ahh….now, if only everything could be built like that – snug, yet accommodating. I know some tampon makers could take this advice…maybe they should look into mesh???

However, it seems that showing the ladies a little love isn't going to make Pumas fly off the shelves like a pair of Louboutins do when Victoria Beckham goes shoe shopping. The company is currently looking to reduce its product range by 30 percent and is wisely revamping their fall 2013 line. It's about time, if I do say so myself. Since Puma is owned by the same company as Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, perhaps they should take a few pointers from those fashion giants, seeing as they don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. 

Thank your mama for your bunions

Let's face it – our mothers have all driven us nuts at one point or another, and in turn, one of the biggest fears most of us have is becoming exactly like her. We've all had that moment looking in the mirror. The crow's feet, the wrinkles, not to mention the sagging – we all start to realize that sooner or later, those familiar blemishes we grew to love on our moms are starting to wreak havoc on our faces and bodies. As it turns out, I also have my mom to thank for one particularly annoying "blemish" – my bunions.

The science is pretty legit on this – even Harvard Medical School says so: if your mama had bunions, chances are you are going to have them, too. Just like the size of your breasts, skin condition and height, foot structure and shape trickles down from generation to generation. Loose joints and tendons, feet that are flat (my mom calls them "Fred Flintstone feet"), and low arches are all major triggers for those bony bumps that we hate. Mom always warned me when I was young that wearing those platform heels was gonna give me bunions one day – as always, mom knows best.

Stress on your feet repetitively isn't going to help either. I know many of my readers out there are teachers and nurses, so brace yourself for this news as well – Harvard found in the same study regarding hereditary that these jobs that require a lot of standing bring on the bunions too. Since these occupations are traditionally filled by us ladies, this might be one of the many reasons that women are 10 times more likely to get bunions than men. Doesn't seem fair, does it?

Don't get me wrong, I love my mother … but why did she have to pass down these annoying bunions? Why couldn't it have been a perfect butt? The good news is that unlike saggy appendages, wrinkles and crabbiness, our bunion pain doesn't necessarily have to be hereditary. There are many resources like orthotics available to keep the bunions at bay. Throwing out those painful, narrow shoes that women can't seem to avoid is also a good way to stave off those bony bumps.

So the next time you call your mom – be sure to dish about your bunion, because chances are, she had one too and might be able to give you some sound advice.

Bunion surgery is no walk in the park

I've been asked this question countless times: Bunion-Ella, why not just get a bunion surgery? Why sit in pain when you there is a way to surgically remove these painful, bony bumps? What  my gal pals don't seem to understand is that going under the knife on your foot is just as painful – and expensive – as it sounds.

Let me walk you through this involved process just so you understand, ladies. What happens during a bunion surgery is pretty gruesome. First of all, you are put under. Now, normally I rely on cocktails to get myself in such a state, but this procedure isn't nearly as fun. Secondly, they cut your foot open and "shave" down your bunion. Ouch! Sounds like fun, right?

Think about how much time you spend on your feet, girls. Chasing kids, going shopping, driving to brunch with your girlfriends … all of that is hampered after a surgery since you will be required to wear a surgical shoe for up to 2 months. I don't know about you, but I know that the last thing I want to do as an independent woman is to have someone else taking care of me and my feet for that long. I'm a busy woman, and I know a lot of you are, too, and fabulous people like us just shouldn't be pent up for that long.

Beyond the time constraints, the amount of green needed for this procedure stands at about $4,000 for a bunionectomy, even after insurance. I don't know about you, but I would rather spend that money on a cruise, some sexy new shoes, pedicures … pretty much anything but a painful and intrusive bunion surgery. The icing on the cake? Post-op can keep you out of work for weeks, even months. Unless you have the greatest boss on earth, chances are you aren't going to get paid for sitting at home nursing a scarred foot.

Another common problem with a bunion surgery? They can come back! Like a clingy ex-boyfriend, these bony bumps can painfully return to your life even after going under the knife. I know that if I am going to invest my precious time and money to get my foot cut open, these annoying bunions better not come back.

So that settles it – the reasons for getting a surgery on your feet can be handled simply with the use of an orthotic. It may not be the sexiest choice, but at least you won't have the scars to show for it.

It’s not easy being a woman

From waxing to pelvic exams to mammograms, women are used to having their bodies poked and prodded, but one of the most "overworked" – if you get my drift – parts of women's appendages is their wallets. The rundown of being a woman in today's society is anything but easy, and even harder on our purse. As if I don't have enough to worry about with my bunion, AOL sent over this frightening stat to me: Over the span of a lifetime, it costs an average of $849,000 just to be born female. Whew … talk about a gender gap!

Some of the reasons why:
Sure, there are a lot of parameters at play here. It's a given that some ladies take a dip in their salary when they take time off to chase kids around or care for elderly parents … but honestly, men could just as easily take these cuts as well. And with their every dollar to our 75 cents, they should have money to burn – am I right, or am I right? It is also no secret that women live longer (an average of 5 years longer, actually). But did you know that women pay about 30 percent more than men in health insurance premiums? Yep, you heard that right. Because of services to women like childbirth, pap smears and breast exams – not exactly the most pleasant of activities, right? – the gap extends to about $44,000 between the college and Medicare eligibility years.

Why women pay more
While most of us would rather skip our yearly pap smear – no one enjoys becoming familiar with a pair of "metal duck lips," as my friend calls them – most annual and major medical procedures aren't those that we can avoid. However, preventative care may allow us ladies to save more than a few bucks.

One way to put some extra cash toward your savings (or shoe shopping, let's be honest), is to use your trusty orthotic instead of taking time away from work due to bunion surgery. With the added cost of simply being a woman, the last thing we need is another medical procedure to add to the list. 

If you find yourself salivating over the latest stilettos – hey, some ladies love the pumps! – you might want to try a wedge or a chunkier heel to give your tootsies a bit more surface area to work with. A rounded toe will also give your feet a bit more breathing room, even if they are less effective at kicking jerks at bars … did I just say that?

And if giving up your favorite 6-inchers is still too much, the least you can do is stretch. Yeah, stretch! After a few minutes of loosening your calves and tendons, separate each of your toes and give them some much needed TLC. Hey, after a lifetime of having our money and bodies being unwillingly shoved around, the least we can do for ourselves is push our appendages in the ways that will be beneficial.

Are toes the most under-appreciated body part?

Over the past few weeks, the fall weather and numerous autumnal fashion weeks in New York and London have beckoned me to stuff all of my sandals into storage and break out those closed-toe flats that have been in hiding for so long. As I was sifting through the collection of my shoe shopping conquests over the years, I started thinking about feet and how easy it is for even a bunion sufferer like myself to ignore how important my toes really are.

High heels and pointy-toed shoes have been in style for women since the Roaring '20s, so it is no surprise that irritating foot pain has largely been an issue with ladies for nearly a century now. Many women carelessly stuff their delicate joints into their favorite stilettos, not knowing the agony their feet may endure not just for a night out dancing, but for life. Because problems like a bunion, dry, cracked heels and calluses can become commonplace as a result of these so-called sexy heels, I would rather take my orthotic over a pair of Jimmy Choos any day. Still, it is easy to lose track of your foot health, especially when the mercury begins to drop.

I don't know about you guys, but ignoring my feet only gets worse when the cold weather sets in. When warm thick socks go over my Bunion Aid, my feet may as well be hibernating for the winter. This is not a good thing for a number of reasons, which is why this winter, ladies need to take the extra time to make sure they are on high alert when it comes to their feet. Some of the best ways to combat these common winter foot problems are to wear moisturizing socks at night. I like to rub my bunion with some rich moisturizer and and then lock in the lotion with aloe-infused socks to keep balls of the feet and heels from cracking once the cold snap sets in.

Oh, and beware ladies – foot soaks are not all they are cracked up to be. After an exhausting day of chasing kids and teenagers around with your achy, screaming bunion, it may seem tempting to dip your toes into a pot of warm water. However, during the winter, hot water could just make your feet even more dry and flaky. If you do decide to give yourself an at-home pedicure – and who doesn't love those? – make sure you follow up with plenty of foot lotion to assure that your toes don't become excessively dry.