Woman’s foot ‘balloons’ after bunion surgery – Yikes!

If you read my blog regularly, you know I am no fan of a complicated bunion surgery, and this recent story from the Ottawa Citizen is giving me even more reason to be wary about going under the knife. After years of dealing with my pesky bunion, I think I could spare a few more after hearing these gory details.

According to the Citizen, poor Sandra McDonald, a regular middle-aged lady, just like me thought it might be a good idea to have her bunion removed, even though you and I know that this is not always a good idea. Bunions are known to come back after bunion surgery like a bitter ex-boyfriend.

Anyway, McDonald worked for the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa, and she loved her job, so she was bummed that she was going to have to take six to eight weeks off to recover from her bunion surgery. Personally, I can think of better ways to spend my time and money, like shoe shopping, but to each her own, I guess. Poor Sandra was in for a shock, however; since she was on long-term disability, the embassy was supposed to keep her job open for one year. No problem, right? Ladies recover just fine from bunion surgeries … or do they? 

Two weeks after her surgery, McDonald felt a burning sensation in her left foot. This pain was even even worse than anything she had experienced with her bunion (which is hard to imagine). The source even compared her post-op swelling to a balloon – Eeek! Sandra was out of work so long trying to cope with her mangled foot that she was eventually – and unfairly – fired. 

"My whole life completely changed, " she told the Citizen. "My independence was gone; my whole life revolved around 'the foot,' and trying to cope with that pain."

Ok, ladies. I know that your bunion is annoying and unattractive and may keep you from wearing certain shoes, like heels. But really? Is a bunionectomy really worth all of this trouble? According to the Foot and Ankle Institute, this irritating foot condition is known to come back  even after surgery, so what's a girl to do about her bunion?

Since poor Sandra worked with U.S. Embassy so long, she eventually filed a lawsuit and won. However, even though much time has passed, she is still unable to walk or stand for prolonged periods of time. Ladies, don't let a bunion surgery keep you from living your life. I have found that an anti-inflammatory, my trusty flexible hinged bunion splint and a large glass of wine usually does the trick when it comes to bunion pain.