Serena Williams’ mysterious foot pain keeps her from playing the U.S. Open

Still basking in the glow of her stunning gold medal wins in both singles and doubles at this year's London Olympic Games, many in the sports world are raising a few eyebrows when it comes to Serena Williams' mysterious foot surgery.

Out of the loop
According to The New York Times, Serena is sitting out America's most prized tennis tournament due to medical instructions from her podiatrist. However, she and her sister, Venus, are remaining decidedly mum on any details regarding the injury she sustained in a German restaurant after celebrating her 13th Grand Slam title win at Wimbledon this past summer.

"Serena released as much information that she wanted to about her leg," Venus told the Times. "Traditionally, we don't say much about injuries. … We don't need anybody to feel sorry for us about it."

Despite going to bat for her sister, gossip in the tennis world still persists about what exactly happened in London last month that is keeping Serena, arguably one of the world's most famous sports stars, out of competition in New York. Could Serena be keeping a bunion surgery under wraps? Who knows? Rumors have circulated that while celebrating her Wimbledon win the tennis star stepped on broken glass, a claim her agent and spokeswoman Jim Smoller firmly denies.

A history of no-shows
Some have even suggested that this injury isn't even an injury at all. Apparently this isn't the first time the famous sisters have had scheduling problems with various tennis matches. In his six years as chief executive of the Women's Tennis Association, Larry Scott had more than enough drama with the Williams' forthcoming claims regarding foot pain.

"It was continuously surrounding them," he said, "But you're always in a gray area and you never want to accuse an athlete of faking an injury. In the end, you're really relying on the athlete."

The world's No. 1 women's tennis player has been seen in her orthotic at various social events for the U.S. Open in New York. Whether or not Serena will join her colleagues for any matches in near future remains to be seen. If her surgery was indeed legitimate, she may be in her boot for a while. Invasive foot operations like a bunionectomy can leave you in an orthotic for up to six weeks, which may mean we won't see one of the world's greatest tennis stars in action until next year's Grand Slam season.