Oprah shows up to set barefoot – and reveals her infamous bunions

You can get advice from the best foot doctors in the world and be worth billions, but it still won't stop a pesky bunion from returning. Oprah has not been shy about her foot issues, and has even been known to kick off her heels on set when the cameras stop rolling due to her painful foot history.

Oprah has a history of pain in the feet
News has died down in recent months regarding Oprah's foot problems, until the 58-year-old was seen in New Orleans on the set of her new film, "The Butler." Oprah has been absent from the movie reels since 1998 when she starred and directed the motion picture "Beloved," but recently felt inspired to play the role of the wife of Eugene Allen, a real-life White House butler who served decades in the White House under several presidents.

Draped in a bosom-revealing ruffled dress, Oprah was carrying a pair of striped flats and walking around the carport barefoot – a risky and revealing decision. Cameras snapped, and there in broad daylight was Oprah's bunion, a thorn in her side for years. Although I like the idea of Oprah's choice in footwear as opposed to the sky-high heels seen frequently on her show, walking around a carport barefoot might reveal why her feet look so rough. (Can you say dry, cracked skin?)

An advocate for orthotics
Although rumors still circulate whether or not Oprah paid for bunion removal, she is obviously still struggling to give her feet the TLC she needs in lieu of her busy schedule. Running her own network, interviewing celebs, starring in a new film and years of killer heels are starting to take their toll.

On her show, she has repeatedly given advice to not go through with a bunionectomy unless you are suffering from an extreme medical condition, something we at the Bunion Blog definitely agree with. Why go through the pain and expense of going under the knife when an orthotic could be just as effective? Hopefully Oprah is relaxing with a good foot soak, enjoying a glass of white wine and putting up her heels in a Bunion Aid, or that hammertoe is just gonna get worse. Besides, with Oprah's jet-setting lifestyle, surgery could put her out of work for months, and knowing her, she wouldn't want anything like a bunion to slow her down.