Manolo Blahnik even admits it: Flats are in for fall fashion

School is back in session, cardigans and sweaters are donning every mannequin when I window shop and those cool night breezes make me grab my blanket when I hit the sack at night. It can only mean one thing – fall is finally here.

Putting your best fashion foot forward
We all know that girls love their shoes, but unfortunately this past year's obsession with stilettos and flip-flops haven't been the best news for us gals looking for bunion relief. Many women are sacrificing their foot health to join the ranks of Hollywood starlets and New York models who never leave the house without at least a 3-inch Louboutin.

Thankfully, the fashion gods have discovered that arch support is important, because the previews for this year's fall shoe fashion are nothing but flats. Even Manolo Blahnik, a designer known for his sky-high heels is turning his eyes toward flat shoes, something that would have been unfathomable five years ago.

"Any flats that I showed [were] wanted immediately!" Blahnik told the Financial Times, "Two seasons ago, I started to notice a change … whatever flat styles we did almost always sold out."

For all of us with bunions and hammertoes, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. It seems that this season flat styles are going to be flying off the shelves. Designers in London and Paris have even been showing their collection with their models in flats, including Christopher Kane and Stella McCartney in order to appeal to a larger consumer base. Thankfully, women are no longer buying into the fact that we have to sacrifice our foot health to look taller or more fashionable.

Flats are becoming first-class
If you thinking that styles for heel-less shoes are less than fashionable, have patience because you will no longer be carting your "blah" ballerina flats in your handbag for a quick change at work to avoid foot pain.

According to Ruth Lockwood, the lead buyer at New Look, "As studded styling and sports influences come in this winter, flats will be seen as edgy and a genuine alternative, which hasn't been the case in several seasons."

So ladies, save that money you were thinking about putting toward a bunionectomy for an orthotic and some fabulous shoe shopping, because it seems arch support is all the rage this year.