Keep that bunion looking its best this summer

Just because you have bunions doesn't mean you have to skimp on luxury and fashion. Even if you don't have perfect feet, it is important to keep your toes looking and feeling great. If you are on a budget, there are plenty of recession-proof options to keep your toes looking great in your sandals throughout the rest of the summer without those expensive bi-weekly trips to the nail salon.

A proper trim
Every woman should own a nail file and clippers, just as a start. Although I like to leave certain tasks to the professionals – waxing being an example – I always keep a file in my purse to make sure my toes are even and untorn to prevent foot problems. Unlike our fingernails, you can't really get creative when it comes to shaping. After you cut your nails, make sure your toenails are filed straight across. I can't think of anything more irritating and unsightly as an ingrown toenail. So take my advice and never round out your toes, trust me.

If you are like Jennifer Garner or Oprah and suffer from bunions, there are ways to file your big toe safely that can give the illusion of evenly-shaped toes. By buffing your big toenail diagonally ever so slightly so that the inner part of your nail is a smidge higher, it can make your bunion look a little less prominent.

A good soak
I don't know about you, but after a long day of shopping, my bunion is usually killing me. Not only that, but my feet are, let's say … less desirable to look at. The best way I have found to rejuvenate those toes and give myself some much-deserved bunion relief is exfoliation. No need to buy any creams or expensive foot rubs. Most of what you need is already in your kitchen. Coarse sea salt mixed with a small amount of baby oil will do wonders to make the hard skin on your heels and the cuticles around your toenails look brand new.

Even if you spend just 30 minutes a week on taking care of your feet, you can avoid the nail salon all together. You know what this means … more money for shoe shopping! It's amazing what a little TLC can do for your wallet and your bunion if you keep your feet looking fabulous.