Kate Middleton’s rare barefoot appearance shows a developing bunion

It's not everyday you get to see a future queen of England's feet, so it is no shock that many were surprised to see a blemish on the toes of the perfectly groomed Kate Middleton.

Celebrities, and even royalty, suffer from the same foot problems we all do. However, if you live  life in front of the camera, no less-than-perfect flaw goes unnoticed, and that is exactly what happened during the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Lovely girl, less than lovely feet

During a Judo demonstration that required the Duchess of Cambridge to be barefoot, the public got a chance to see a rare glimpse of the princess' toes, and in turn scrutinize every flaw possible. Redness, bruising, corns and bunions on both feet were all there in plain sight. Maybe the royal budget couldn't account for routine pedicures?

Emma Supple, DPM, told the foot-obsessed Daily Mail that when she first saw the photos of Middleton's feet, she wasn't sure whose they were because they looked like the tired feet of an athlete. Supple indicated that Middleton's busy royal schedule and public appearances since her recent marriage to Prince William, many of which are seen in her trademark LK Bennett nude pumps, might account for the imperfections. Middleton is also suffering from what appears to be flat feet, which will only get worse if her love affair with high heels continues.

Put your royal foot forward

To save yourself from the embarrassment of common foot problems that Kate Middleton is currently experiencing, Supple recommends wearing thicker soled shoes such as wedges if you can't resist those heels. For dryness, tea tree oil is a great way to nourish thirsty heels and cuticles, and it is also contains anti-fungal properties, which could keep your feet from smelling less than fresh.

When it comes to bunion correction, Supple urged readers to not wear heels that are more than 1 inch high. Middleton's bunions appear to be in a stage one grade, so she could benefit from a foot aid such as a night splint to avoid surgery, which could be very debilitating to her busy schedule. Since bunions are an inherited condition, it is likely that the prim and proper Middleton probably got those hammertoes from her mama; however, taking proper care of her feet could keep them from getting worse.