Shoe repair is healthier for your feet

Owning the same pair of shoes for the rest of your life might sound like an anecdote from days gone by. It's what grandma and grandpa did, right? We all remember hearing our elderly relatives and friends talk about owning only three pairs of shoes when they were young and wearing them over and over until the soles were practically falling out. Like so many things in life, people from past generations had it right the first time, especially with regards to foot pain. To avoid many common foot problems, it is better to repair old shoes rather than throw them away.

The expensive cost of cheap shoes
Breaking into a new pair of cheaply made shoes seems to be a painful annoyance that modern men and women do over and over again for the sake of staying fashionable, but it doesn't necessarily have to be that way. Purchasing a well-made pair of shoes can actually save you quite a bit of money in the long run. According to Glamour, the average woman spends $25,000 on shoes in the course of a lifetime with an average of 469 pairs of shoes. For most of us, that is the price of a new car, or several fabulous trips overseas.

Better for your feet
We've all had those pairs of well-made shoes that we can't let go of. You might have spent extra money on that pair of nude pumps when you got a promotion; those black flats that go with everything – totally worth the extra bucks. Over time, these shoes become comfortable, both literally and figuratively. For most, the ball of the foot and toes bear the brunt of cheap, horribly made shoes.

According to the Wall Street Journal, men tend to have foot pain in their upper toes, and women complain more about their heels, but both need proper arch support that you simply cannot find in most cheaply made shoes.  Like a well-made pair of jeans, good shoes will take some time to break into, but over time they will mold to fit your feet and will last if properly cared for.

Better for your wallet
Like any other product that you truly love – car, computer, hair, etc. – your shoes need maintenance. According to Esquire, the average cost of basic shoe repair is $100. A good refurbisher will typically replace the soles, heels, welting and foot beds and laces, if necessary. With a little love, those favorite shoes can look brand new and last much longer. Trust us, your feet will thank you for it.