Recession-proof foot fashion: Women in UK take DIY approach to replicate Louboutins

Women in the United States aren't the only ladies looking to take a cost-effective approach in showing off high fashion footwear (even if it may be a knock-off). Sales of red paint samples in the United Kingdom are soaring as many young women are replicating the now famous Christian Louboutin red sole on their pumps themselves, according to The Daily Mail.

The new Jimmy Choo?
It's common knowledge that women will always have a love affair with shoes, even if it may cost them many foot problems in the future, and this is usually done by celebrity endorsement. Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker put the uncomfortable, but beautiful Manolo Blahniks on the map in the 90s, and Jimmy Choos became a household name by celebrities like Rihanna and Kate Middleton in the 2000s. Now it seems Christian Louboutins have taken the footwear fashion scene by storm, becoming the favorite of fashion icons Misha Barton, Blake Lively and Victoria Beckham, who has now become famous for her bunion treatment. Beckham is still being criticized for her obsession with high heels because of her intrusive bunion surgery several years ago. Apparently the British beauty has not learned her lesson, seeing as she was recently seen in The Daily Mail sporting a pair of Louboutin soles.

England is seeing red
For those of you who cannot afford the steep price of nearly $1000 for these coveted shoes, there are not many options except taking the matter into your own hands by painting the red soles on yourself. United Kingdom housewares chain Homebase has reported that sales for scarlet paint have jumped 40 percent, according to the source. With many designer Louboutins standing at a minimum of 4 inches high, these type of shoes will not only cost you in terms of dollars, but can also attribute to foot pain.

French shoe designers duke it out
Apparently, commoners in Britain aren't the only ones looking to duplicate this red hot look. The Bunion Blog has mentioned the battle of the red sole between Louboutin and Yves Saint Laurent in previous posts. Louboutin filed a measure against the legendary fashion house in 2011 accusing it of copying his red soles and, apparently, the lawsuit might still be unsettled going into the fall fashion season, according to Vogue. Until then, the fashion world awaits to see just how high and red those heels will go.