Pregnant Snooki wears sky-high heels then complains of foot problems

Although she already took a tumble in a pair of platforms last month, according to the Hollywood News Daily, it isn't stopping a pregnant Snooki from wearing what appears to be four-inch heeled strappy sandals. With a picture of her properly seated and legs crossed, she tweeted "I can only rock these heels when I sit. So sitting fabulous with shoes is better than nothin!" Unfortunately for Snooki, there is something amiss with her footwear philosophy regarding her own health, especially as a pregnant woman. Just days later, and presumably regretting slipping on those towering heels, Snooki again tweeted, "My back and feet hurt waaa!" A lesson was
learned, hopefully, but she isn't alone. Women the world over identify with foot pain while pregnant, but if they don't take proper care of those tootsies, a more complicated foot problem can occur.

Bunions:  a common foot problem while pregnant

Most people know that wearing heels can exacerbate the growth of bunions, but few people know that pregnant women are even more susceptible to this pesky foot malady than the average gal. According to What to Expect, when a woman is fertilized, her body begins to emit growth hormones, which is a good thing because it provides the proper nutrients and space for a growing baby. However, your belly isn't the only body part getting bigger.

Feet grow the most during the second trimester

Around the 22nd week{,} which is right smack dab in the middle of the second trimester, most women notice a rapid change in the growth of their feet. Relaxin is a pregnancy hormone that relaxes and loosens ligaments, causing the sensitive bones in your feet to move and swell. If Snooki is already genetically disposed to bunion growth, she may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Go shopping

Another side effect of relaxin is that your feet literally grow and stretch. Many pregnant women can go up one or even two shoe sizes during their second trimester, and this can mean having to shell out some dough for new kicks. Just make sure they are wide and you can comfortably walk in them. Cramming your toes into an ill-fitting pair is not only painful, but it can also spur on those bunions. Fortunately for Snooki, she has her own line of slippers, so she should be all set. Let's just hope she puts those heels away for the time being.