NBA’s #1 draft pick spotted in brand new Nikes several weeks before scheduled release

Watch out NBA, there's a new shoe in town.

Nike, the global athletic shoe giant whose brand family has included star athletes Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Lance Armstrong has an exciting new shoe launch coming soon. Known the world over for innovative sneaker design and great arch support, Nike got the shoe world chattering up a storm when 2012 NCAA champion, NBA No. 1 draft pick and new sponsor Anthony Davis rocked a pair of red and silver Foamposite Pros at the World Basketball Festival, according to the International Business Times.

Nike showing its new face
The shoes were not supposed to hit the shelves until September 1, 2012, so Davis was enjoying his new kicks a bit earlier than most expected. The star center was teamed up with rapper Wale who was sporting a new Nike Air shoe as well. Perhaps a social media PR tactic, athletic shoe enthusiasts were tweeting with excitement at seeing a first glimpse of what the NBA and NCAA stars will be sporting on the court for the 2013 season.

As a young NBA rookie (he's 19) and current member of the USA Olympic team, Davis stayed true to his roots when he told Sneaker News, "I wear a lot of Air Jordan Retros." He might need to stick with some high tops for the London Games, since it has been reported by Sports Illustrated that he is already having foot problems. Putting a damper on Team USA's chances of winning the gold, it was widely reported that Davis would not be representing his country due to a sprained ankle. With three dunks in his last preliminary meeting, it is safe to say he has been taking care of those feet.

High-impact fitness requires extra care
According to the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, professional basketball players take a great deal of time picking out the shoe that is best for their performance and overall foot health. One bad slip or fall during a game, and an athlete's season or career could be over in seconds. According to the source, with the amount of time players spend pounding their feet into the ground at every game, and working out an estimated 72 hours per month, many athletes will change out their shoes every seven to 10 days just to ensure that they will not go through any unnecessary foot pain.