Shoes of Prey gets a boost from investors


If you've never heard of the website Shoes of Prey, dear readers, pull up a seat. This nifty little online shop allows people to design their own shoes, choosing from a menu of 16 basic shoe designs and picking out their own details from there, including textile, colors, heel types, decorations, toe designs and straps.

That's right. This website lets all of your footwear dreams come true, even if you do end up spending much of your free time designing shoes with its virtual tool. Oh, and they're a tad pricey, too, ranging from $140 to $330.

We may soon see Shoes of Prey expand its options as well, because the company just received $3 million from investors.

"We are excited about the opportunities ahead as we begin to work with our new investors to redefine how women interact with the products we buy and wear," said the company's co-founder Jodie Fox.

Shoes to suit your foot problems

The site may be of particular interest to women who experience painful foot problems, such as bunions, hammer toe or fallen arches. That's because ladies (and men!) can choose the styles they love while making them friendly to their conditions.

For example, if you love the high heeled oxfords that are so trendy right now but they make your bunions ache, you can design a pair with a lower heel that's either a wedge or a square heel, which tend to be more stable than stilettos.

You can also choose from various toe shapes, from rounded to a wide open toe – whatever works for you. Additionally, some women with foot problems find it helpful to have a Mary Jane strap on their heels, and you can add one to just about any pair on the website.

If the shoe doesn't fit

Perhaps the best part of my new online obsession is that the company takes pains to ensure your shoes fit well, adjusting for wide or narrow feet as necessary. Also, if your shoes are slightly off in size, they'll pay to have them fixed at a local shop. If the shoes seriously don't fit, you can send them back to have the company remake them.

Additionally, many ladies find it helpful to use orthotic inserts for added arch support and cushioning.