Fiona Apple wants the world to see her bunions

Some celebrities go through pains to keep their bunions, scars and third nipples hidden from the public eye, but not Fiona Apple. The controversial songstress, who just released her much-anticipated fourth album titled The Idler Wheel is wiser than the Driver of the Screw, and Whipping Cords will serve you more than Ropes will ever do, recently told music website Pitchfork that she would proudly bare her bunions.

A photo shoot busted by bunions

Apple explained to the news source that she was once in a magazine photo shoot in which they wanted her to be barefoot, until, that is, they noticed that she had bony toe deformities. The photographers changed their minds, at which point the singer made an ultimatum.

"I told them, 'I'll only stay until [8 p.m.] if you show my feet in the magazine so that other girls can see my bunions and not feel bad about theirs,'" Apple said, quoted by Pitchfork. "All of a sudden, they didn't need me until eight anymore."

What a role model, eh? It's an interesting revelation that a publication would choose to cut their time short with a somewhat major celebrity than reveal that she has bunions. But should we really be shocked?

Airbrushed mag covers shown to affect women's confidence

UK news source The Telegraph has covered the issue, along with many other media outlets in recent years. It reported on a study conducted by beauty brand Dove, which revealed that images in magazines and advertisements that have been digitally altered caused low self-esteem in an estimated two-thirds of women.

Unrealistic-looking photos of starlets and models with expanded busts and shrunken waistlines can give ladies the impression that they, too, should be flawless and slim at all times. In reality, all people have their flaws and should be accepting of that which makes them different. (Move over, Oprah, I can inspire, too.)

Bunions are nothing to be ashamed of

Research has shown that about 30 percent of people will develop bunions at some point in their lives, and that this particular kind of pain in the feet occurs most often in women as they age. That's a pretty big chunk of the population dealing with foot problems, so ladies should feel comfortable showing off in strappy sandals – or even barefoot – no matter what their toes look like.