Check the law books before taking stilettos on vacation

There are a number of reasons why you might consider leaving your towering heels at home when going on a sight-seeing vacation, with the number one being possible foot pain. But then your sensible side likely kicks in and tells you to bring your cute sandals and platforms because it's oh-so important to look good on vacay.

However, in some locations, you may face trouble with the law – or even just get razzed by the locals – if you sport your stilettos in public.

Yahoo! Travel recently featured an article about strange laws in the U.S. and abroad, including a few cities that don't take kindly to tourists wearing heels in their territory.

Don't bring those pumps 'round here

The first was Carmel, Calif., which has an un-enforced ban on high heels. However, sight-seers can take home a novelty license that gives them permission to squeeze their bunions into whatever shoes they like. (Fun fact: Clint Eastwood was once the mayor of this city by the sea.)

In Blythe, Calif., they take their cowboy boots seriously. Like, really seriously, as in, you need to actually own a couple of cows in order to sport this heeled, pointy-toed footwear. This is pretty much the equivalent of banning boat shoes outside of marinas and restricting ballet flats unless you're a pin-thin dancer, but I guess we'll let Blythe have its tradition.

Across the Atlantic Ocean, Greek officials have apparently gotten fed up with ladies trotting all over the Acropolis in stilettos and leaving marks on the floors, because the country has put the kibosh on visitors wearing high heels to historical sites.

Be smart about footwear when traveling

All well-traveled women should know how to get through a vacation without having to endure foot pain, right? The key is to pack a variety of shoes, but not too many pairs, especially considering the outrageous fees airlines charge for overweight bags.

If you're heading to a stylish yet highly walkable city like Paris or New York, you may consider taking with you a very simple pair of loafers or oxfords that won't kill your feet during marathon shopping trips. For nights out, you should have on hand a classic pair of black or nude pumps.

Warmer locales call for sandals, of course, but straps and a lack of arch support might leave you limping if you go out to see the sights, so save 'em for the evening. Ballet flats with cutouts and orthotics are a good way to go, since they provide both ventilation and support.