Jessica Simpson accused of copying Christian Louboutin’s bunion-inducing design

Previously, we discussed that Jessica Simpson is putting herself at serious risk of developing bunions or hammer toe, as the singer was spotted trotting around town wearing towering heels while pregnant. Now, the former reality television star may be looking at a different kind of trouble after being accused of ripping off a Christian Louboutin design.

Media outlets and fashion blogs are all over this story, showing side-by-side images of the high-end version and Simpson's department store brand. Readers, they are pretty darn similar.

Looking like something that would be worn by Barbie circa 1985, both pairs of shoes feature bright pink straps with yellow piping and a lavender heel and platform, topped off with a matching pastel buckle at the ankle.

Simpson's version is more brightly colored, has thicker straps and a slightly higher platform than Louboutin's, but the dissimilarities end there.

Louboutin has been in the throes of a legal battle with rival fashion house Yves Saint Laurent over the French designer's allegedly proprietary red soles. Currently, the case is held up in an appeals court, but New York Magazine points to the suit as an example of Louboutin's "litigious nature," suggesting that he may sue over the design.

However, the website Jezebel reported that clothing and accessory designs are not currently eligible for copyright protection, so it's unlikely that Louboutin would have a case if he chose to pursue legal action.

Many commentators on these websites point out that Simpson is simply offering people who can't afford the $995 price tag of the Louboutin version the opportunity to wear the trendy design. The singer's shoes retail for about $98.

Genuine high-end design or not, these shoes are almost certain to exacerbate bunions or hammer toe. Women who already have the bony foot deformities may end up with their bunions peeking out between pink-and-yellow straps – not a pretty look.

Ladies who are prone to bunions or hammer toe – meaning those with a family history of the foot conditions – should probably steer clear of shoes like these.

But if your willpower is just too weak to resist hot pink suede, consider using bunion splints or orthotics in order to reduce the appearance of bunions or hammer toe. Additionally, non-invasive means of bunion correction may help prevent painful bunion surgery.