Bunion-squeezing shoes are no longer a requisite for brides

Today's bride favors Kate Middleton's style over Kim Kardashian's and turns to technology to help plan her wedding day, according to a Chicago Tribune article. More couples are choosing less extravagance and more do-it-yourself themed celebrations, and that means sky-high satin heels and bank-breaking dresses are no longer the norm.

This indicates that we may no longer have to look on with pity as brides and bridesmaids take off their shoes mid-reception to rub their bunions. Perhaps even better, we may begin to see the trend of people changing into hideous rubber flip flops when their feet begin to ache disappear.

Modest low wedges or even flats come in a number of colors and styles to allow brides to let their personalities shine through while proving comfort. The news source reported that ladies in white also prefer individual photos of the shoes and jewelry. However, while modest and fun, this type of bridal footwear doesn't always come cheap.

"Especially with social media, where shoes are popping up on tweets, we'll see the girl who would never spend $100 on a pair of shoes drop $700 on shoes for her wedding day because she wants to wear a specific colored sole," said event planner Kelly Seizert, of Washington, D.C., quoted by the Tribune.

Methinks that was a nod to Christian Louboutin, purveyor of crimson-soled shoes coveted by women across the country. Unfortunately, while these pumps and stilettos may make legs look lengthy, they're also likely to exacerbate conditions like bunions, hammer toe and fallen arches.

Brides who want to follow this year's spring footwear trends may want to consider the suggestions made on the Yahoo! blog Shine.

According to the news source, braided sandals are among the top trends for this upcoming spring. These boho-inspired shoes add an unexpected twist to brides opting for simple, off-white sheaths.

Metallic tones are still going strong, with an emphasis on the toes and heels. These two-toned shoes hark back to the mod looks of the 1960s but with a millennial touch. This type of footwear may look best with simple dresses so the shoes stand out.

But no matter what type of shoe the bride chooses, wearing bunion splints nightly and orthotics daily should be part of a pre-wedding regimen, because even flats can begin to cause foot pain when bunions are involved.