Are shoes the real window into the soul?


I love to people-watch and tend to pay special attention to the shoes of passers-by. It's easy to spot a woman with bunions or hammer toe, as she may walk with a slight pronation, and minimalists certainly have a way with their slip-ons or sneakers, haughtily free of foot pain.

But it appears as though shoes can indicate personality traits in addition to foot problems.

An article in Glamour magazine features the opinions of different men on women's shoe choices, from sexy to demure. The dudes in this article are oh-so predictable.

One man, 23-year-old Brian, told the ladies' mag that a woman wearing a pretty combination of slate-grey tights and blush-colored suede heels should consider ditching her Katherine Heigl addiction.

"I hate her rom-coms and obsession with flourless chocolate cake, but I love everything else about her," he told the magazine.

Another man, Michael, 31, was simply confused by a pair of flower-print stilettos.

"Could that be her hand in the shoe? Maybe it is her hand in the shoe. Ankles just don't bend that way," Michael said to the news source.

A woman wearing plum-colored platforms was described as being obsessed with social media and pop tunes, while another lady donning a pair of leopard-print heels with ankle straps came off as self-absorbed in one gentleman's opinion.

Real original, guys! Let's see what the ladies have to say about shoes and personality. Fashion blog gave its rundown of what different shoes can say about the woman wearing them.

Bunion-inducing stilettos apparently signal a vivacious and extraordinary personality, according to the website. Also, these shoes give off an air of confidence and sex appeal. (Note: This is only true if you can walk gracefully in these towering shoes. Trust me, few things look less sexy than hobbling around because your bunions hurt.)

What about ladies who prefer flats? Well, the bloggers seem to associate this sensible footwear with a fashionable woman who knows how to treat herself and others with kindness, even if she is a touch on the boring side.

Just as shoes can indicate facts about a person, so can the state of their feet. People with bunions, hammer toe or fallen arches are likely to go rough on their tootsies, and may eventually require painful bunion surgery. That is, unless they nip the problem in the bud by wearing bunion splints and orthotics as soon as the bony deformities begin to appear.