What do the latest sneaker trends mean for your bunions?


Perhaps it has something to do with a shifting trend toward comfort, but I've been noticing that young fashionistas on the streets have started pairing their skinny jeans with puffy-looking high tops rather than towering stilettos lately. This footwear looks straight out of the 1980s, complete with Velcro straps and clashing colors.

Personally, I think they're quite hideous. On the flip side, they look mighty comfortable. Maybe the kids are on to something.

An article in CultureMap Houston reports on one specific pair of shoes that the young and fashionable appear to be scrambling for, despite a $750 price tag. The Willow sneaker by Isabel Marant is the hot new shoe trend, according to blogger Annina Stefanelli, who began considering more comfortable footwear after having a bunion scare.

The writer discovered that the risk of developing a bunion can be reduced by trading in stilettos for a more sensible option, and thus began her hunt for Willow, an elusive sneaker for which she was put on a seven page-long waiting list to obtain.

Still unsure of whether she could fully get on board with the aesthetic aspect of the shoe, Stefanelli conceded that at least they may keep bunions at bay.

"I'm almost sure this trend is a blessing in disguise. Perhaps it's time to give my feet a break, wear a hideous comfortable shoe for a few months, and be bunion-free for the summer sandals," she wrote.

Elle magazine has also recently touted Isabel Marant sneakers, featuring a slideshow of chic New Yorkers sporting the shoes with narrow jeans and voluminous coats.

Unsure of whether I could pull off this particular brand of high tops, I took to Polyvore.com to browse other options. Apparently, many luxury brands are hopping on the sneaker bandwagon, including Juicy Couture, Miu Miu, Burberry and Alexander Wang.

I think the Burberrys are my favorites, thought they'll set me back a cool $395. These multi-toned cognac high tops rise just above the ankle and feature a patch of the signature Burberry plaid on the back of the heel.

But don't think this means I'm giving up on my beloved high heels. Oh, no. But by sporting these comfy shoes from time to time and using bunion splints and orthotics, I'm able to keep my bunions and hammer toe in check so that I can bare my toes all summer long.