Students get a chance to design shoes for Kate Middleton


I knew I should have married a prince, and Kate Middleton just keeps rubbing it in my face how very lucky she is. Recently, People Magazine reported that there is a design contest among students from De Montfort University in Leicester, England in which the young designers will get the chance to have their creations chosen and worn by the Duchess herself.

It's something that is beyond even my wildest dreams: Young fashion designers vying for my attention and eschewing their own personal tastes to suit my own. Sigh. I wonder if young Harry is still available. I've always liked redheads. But I digress!

There are six contestants who have sketched out designs of their footwear for the Duchess, ranging from regal to girly to tartan-inspired. One designer drew inspiration from Middleton's diamond-encircled sapphire engagement ring and her lacy wedding gown.

Kevin Guiford, head of the university's footwear design program, said that the royals specifically asked for the young students to create a pair of shoes for the Duchess in honor of Queen Elizabeth's 60th year as the UK's symbolic head of state.

"We were thrilled when the palace asked for six designs for the Duchess to choose from," said Guildford, quoted by People Magazine. "It's the most fabulous opportunity for the students who couldn't hope for a bigger fashion icon to endorse their designs."

People magazine features the designers and their footwear sketches. While some are certainly beautiful and creative, I have a feeling Kate will choose the most classic design. Not that I know her personally or anything – though one can dream – but judging by her choice of wedding shoes, I just have a hunch. The Huffington Post reported that Middleton wore ivory duchesse satin shoes with a lace overlay as she walked down the aisle.

Things that her royal connections and good looks can't protect her from include bunions and hammer toe. With all of the high heels she wears trotting about the globe, it's a wonder the princess doesn't already have bony foot conditions. Luckily, she may be able to avoid these deformities or correct them without bunion surgery by using bunion splints or orthotics.