Blogger sparks my lust for spring shoe shopping


As if I wasn't already salivating over the spring 2012 collections enough, a writer for UK news source The Guardian had to go and blog about her love of shoes and introduce me to a British website that features the trendiest of bunion-inducing heels.

Reading this article by a mystery blogger nicknamed Invisible Woman almost made me tear up, and surely made my bunions twinge. She describes so eloquently how shoes can not only make the woman, but give hints about who she is and where she's been.

"Shoes inspire passion and films, are fetishized, cause fights, spark misty-eyed reminiscence, they serve as a drinking vessel, an ashtray, a murder weapon or a piece of art and, above all, can make or break your day, your evening, your heart, your life," the Invisible Woman wrote. "Am I overstating the power of shoes? No, I don't think so."

When it comes to shoes, the thrill of the hunt and satisfaction of the find are well-understood by this nameless writer. She describes a particularly special pair of Fendi sandals, which were navy suede and fit like a dream.

"I lived on baked beans for a month to buy them and I love them still in their bright yellow Fendi box. More importantly, they are comfortable. I can wear them all evening and not feel a single solitary twinge from a bunion or fallen arch," she wrote.

Her article included a link to a website called, which, of course, I was unable to resist clicking on. It led me to a haven of wedges, stilettos and pumps, not to mention some more sensible styles, such as ballet slippers and oxfords.

This woman also knows a thing or two about comfort when wearing high heels, as she recommended using gel inserts in footwear that causes foot pain.

Ladies' Home Journal also offers some tips on staying comfortable in heels. First, the news source wisely recommends choosing shoes that fit well and have cushioning on the ball of the foot. Additionally, it recommends looking for styles with round toes and a moderate heel.

Bunion correction may also help you fit into the hottest spring styles and keep wearing them all day long. Luckily, there's no need to resort to painful, costly bunion surgery, as bunion splints and orthotics have been shown to reduce the appearance of bunions or hammer toe sans scalpel.