Website compiles a list of the least foot-friendly shoes


From the bizarre to the downright torturous, has made a list of shoes that make my bunions hurt just by looking at them. The news source features high fashion footwear from the likes of Alexander McQueen and Christian Louboutin, as well as shoes that look like they were crafted by an art student, never to be worn in a real-life situation.

Take, for instance, a pair of heels made only from wire, listed as number 10 on the website. They appear to be lacking soles, which will certainly give bunions ample room but leave much to be desired in the arch support department.

Pair number 12 is equally cringe-worthy. They look like they're made of metal, and are designed to look like tiny chairs for your feet. (The model is in serious need of a toenail trimming, by the way.)

Others, however, are bringing back memories of an old boyfriend who had a foot fetish. Namely, numbers three, four, six, 14, 20 and 25. Actually, he'd probably be pretty much into all of them.

Some of these shoes look like little works of art for your feet. Number seven is especially eye-catching if not un-wearable. They're like what a stripper from the Matrix would wear: black, shiny, sculptural and sky-high.

Then there are some that I would actually really love to own. Number nine is essentially a pretty, modern pair of peep-toe pumps sitting atop a geometric (wood?) block. I also wouldn't mind having number 15 sitting in my shoe closet, with their dramatic circular orange heel and sleek nude forefoot straps. I'd gladly give the 18th pair a home, too. Futuristic and retro at the same time, these shoes would surely make my bunions ache, but I imagine it would be well worth it.

Proving that there's a fine line between high fashion and the absurd, Vogue UK recently compiled a list of their editors' 100 favorite shoes.

The fashion magazine touts a pair of Bionda Castana boots with straps and buckles from toe to ankle, costing a mere $1,140. Right, so moving on!

Vogue UK also predicts a futuristic exotic stripper trend, apparently, as they're recommending a pair of platform metallic shoes with a thick heel and ankle strap from Topshop.

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