Documentary explores the relationship between women and their shoes


Friday night is movie night for yours truly, and I recently had the pleasure of viewing a documentary called God Save My Shoes with my feet up and bunion splints strapped on. Now on DVD, the film features a number of footwear-obsessed celebrities and the designers that feed their expensive, bunion-inducing addictions.

The documentary delves much deeper into a woman's (or man's) relationship with shoes, touching on the mental, cultural and erotic significance held by a special pair of pumps or stilettos.

"When I started this film, little did I know I was actually going to explore the feminine condition, whether I looked at it from a psychological, historical or sexual angle. Now I just can’t slip into a shoe the same way I used to," said director Julie Benasra.

The directors traveled to New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Toronto, Milan and Florence to speak with people who have extreme shoe habits, fashion historians, magazine editors, psychologists, sex experts and people with shoe fetishes. The documentarians interviewed fashionable singers Fergie and Kelly Rowland, burlesque performer Dita Von Teese and designers Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Walter Steiger, Pierre Hardy, Bruno Frisoni and Robert Clergerie.

God Save My Shoes also explores the role that footwear plays in popular culture, from Marilyn Monroe to Sex and the City, and gives a history of how high heels evolved from ancient times to the present.

The producers of the movie have teamed up with charity Soles4Souls, agreeing to donate $1 for each copy of DVD that is sold, which allows the nonprofit organization to provide a pair of shoes to an individual in need.

Interesting, entertaining and even titillating at moments, the documentary will do little good in helping you kick your addiction to high heels. If you're anything like me, you'll head straight to Zappos or Piperlime when you're finished to feed your habit.

Luckily, I have my Bunion Aid by Alpha Orthotics to keep my bony deformities in check while still enjoying the season's best in towering footwear. It doesn't hurt to slip a pair of orthotics inside each pair, either. These in-shoe devices add extra padding to soothe sore feet, as well as help distribute pressure on the foot evenly, which may help alleviate bunion pain.