Shoes that may bring out the animal – and bunions – in you

Actresses Sarah Jessica Parker and Blake Lively have been spotted recently looking rather cat-like below the ankles. No, these ladies have not been nimbly frolicking around town, they've simply hopped on the apparent trend of wearing shoes designed to look like animal paws. In this case, the stars have chosen Christian Louboutin's Alex shoe.

The stiletto heel is made of camel fur and crystals, and makes the wearer's toes appear like cat claws. Parker wore the pumps to a recent event paired with a flowing red gown and a Little Red Riding Hood-esque cape. Lively wore hers with some brown slim-fit pants and an oversized knit cardigan.

Both looked a little ridiculous, if you ask me. It appears as though a writer on the Styleite blog felt the same way.

"As cool as it might sound to make your feet look a little more feline, putting a claw-shaped shoe on them makes them look clunky. The Alex heel might be way, way diva, but it’s also clunky. And cats are supposed to be lots of things, but last time we checked clunky was not one of them," wrote Justin Fenner.

The blogger estimated that the shoes cost somewhere in the vicinity of $1,000.

But Louboutin isn't the only one who's been getting animalistic lately. Marc Jacobs released a whole line of flats that look like mice. For about $250, you can make your feet look like glittery, studded or patent leather rodents. Sigh. I had such high hopes for you when you left Louis Vuitton, Jacobs. What happened?

Earlier this summer, CNN featured Israeli shoe designer Kobi Levi, who has designed an array of eye-catching footwear. Her creations include pumps that look like swans, puppies, ducks and toucans. In addition, the inventive designer has crafted footwear that looks like it has stepped in gum and some thong heels modeled after a slingshot.

"I make each pair one by one, and they're strong; technically, it can function like any other high-heeled shoe. It just looks kind of more crazy than usual so people sometimes cannot believe that it is wearable," Levi told CNN.

These designers may have trouble marketing their footwear to anyone other than Lady Gaga and other attention-seeking stars. Not only do they look crazy, but they will surely exacerbate bunions in those who are predisposed to the bony deformity. Ladies who are brave enough to don these shoes should consider investing in bunion splints or orthotics to help keep bunions and hammer toe at bay.