Not even Manolo Blahnik approves of Suri Cruise wearing heels


Tiny fashionista and celebrity spawn Suri Cruise has been making headlines over the past year due to her apparent penchant for high heels at the tender age of 5. New York Magazine recently broached the topic with the stiletto king himself, Manolo Blahnik, who reacted with incredulity.

"She wears high heels?" Manolo asked in a video interview. "That girl is destined to be a victim of a high heel!"

Psst, Tom and Katie, he means she's at risk of developing bunions or hammer toe. Just in case you weren't aware.

While Blahnik may just now be aware of the fact that the tike teeters on her tippy toes, the Daily Mail has been paying close attention all along. The news source has a catalog of images of Suri in her heels, and has even calculated an estimate of what the child's shoe collection must be worth. For the record, the foot-obsessed news source believes the girl must have at least $150,000 worth of shoes sitting in her closet.

(Please give me a moment while my raging jealousy subsides.)

Well! Another interesting tidbit that the Mail reported is that doting mom Katie Holmes has gone so far as to have shoes custom made with high heels if little Suri shows a preference for a certain style. Her favorite designer, you ask? Oh, just a small-time designer named Marc Jacobs, who only single-handedly made Louis Vuitton cool again back in the 1990s, when Holmes was little more than a character on Dawson's Creek. But I digress.

Ok, so good for you, Suri. You have an array of beautiful high heels right at your tiny, probably manicured fingertips. So what? You're probably going to get bunions.

That's not just my bitterness talking. The DuPage Medical Group reports that children are more susceptible to foot problems, when compared to adult counterparts, because the muscles, tendons and bones in their feet are still developing. This means that underlying foot problems – such as bunions or hammer toe – can be exacerbated by poorly fitted or inappropriate footwear.

High heels are known to make bunions worse in people who are predisposed to them, so let's cross our fingers that Tom and Katie don't have bunion-stricken genes. The celebs may be happy to know that the Bunion Aid can be adjusted to fit feet of many sizes, meaning that there is hope for a bunion-less Suri Cruise.