Holiday parties can lead to hangovers of many kinds

After a long holiday celebration, you may feel a little queasy from the alcohol, tired after much socializing or embarrassed due to some regrettable late-night dance moves. On top of all this, your feet are probably aching from wearing those killer heels you bought especially for holiday festivities.

Here's the problem with special occasion shoes: Your feet are not used to them. So, whether you choose towering stilettos, wedge-heeled boots or some trendy flatforms, your feet may experience a bit of a shock after a long night of wearing them. The result? High heel hangover.

Luckily, some of the things you may already do to cure an alcohol hangover may also make your feet feel better. Namely, taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), such as ibuprofen or aspirin, and drinking plenty of water. The over-the-counter medication will reduce swelling and ease discomfort while the hydration prevents or stops cramping. Anyone who has experienced a charley horse after a long night of drinking may know that dehydration is one of the causes of muscle spasms. And since high heels can cause cramping in the arch, it makes sense that getting plenty of water can prevent this.

You can also relieve arch pain by rolling a frozen bottle of water under your foot. Or, use that bottle of vodka in your freezer. After all, you'd be putting it to better use soothing your plantar fasciitis before it can give you another hangover.

If your bunions are getting to you, consider wrapping an icepack in a towel or cloth and holding that on your bony deformity. You can also try stretching your big toe outward gently for about 20 seconds at a time, which may help ease bunion pain. Spending some quality time in your favorite bunion splint is also a good idea after a night of teetering around in heels.

(Please excuse me while I channel my mother for a second.)

Next time, young lady, wear some shoes that fit, for goodness' sake! If you have bunions, hammer toe or are just not used to wearing pumps or stilettos, be sure to have some wiggle room in the toe box. That means no Carrie Bradshaw-esque pointy toed heels. Also, make sure they fit correctly. Those foot measuring devices aren't in the stores for decoration, and the employees' jobs entail more than tracking down special sizes or colors for you, they can both help you avoid your next high heel hangover.