Kristen Stewart must know about the bunion risk associated with heels

Lately, I've been thinking that Kristen Stewart is a lot like the honey badger. She just doesn't care. The Twilight actress changed from a sleek pair of black peep-toed platform pumps at the recent Breaking Dawn UK premiere into a pair of beat up old Nikes.

Maybe this is less about her being careless when it comes to her fashion reputation and more about the young actress trying to avoid developing or exacerbating bunions. I must say, her black, intricate, sparkly gown looked rather awkward paired with her old sneakers, but loads more comfortable than those towering pumps.

This is not the first time K. Stew (as the kids are calling her) has pulled the ol' switcheroo. She changed into the same pair at an earlier Los Angeles premiere while wearing a sequined violet gown with a thigh-high slit.

Could it be that our own Bella Swan already has bunions? The deformity is considered to be related to age, but is known to develop in people in their early teens, especially in those who play sports or dance. If Stewart is experiencing bunions at her age, she can help stop the progression of the bony deformities by using bunion splints or orthotics now, before they hinder her ability to gallivant around town with that sexy British boyfriend of her, Robert Pattinson.

It looks as though many kids and 20-somethings today are following in her fashion footsteps. Gone are the days of pearls, cardigans and A-line skirts, according to a recent NPR article on the proliferation of hipster culture in the U.S. Much like Stewart, these kids just do not care and will certainly not be hobbling around in uncomfortable pumps.

"Hipster culture is omnipresent," says Peter Furia, a founder of Seedwell Digital Creative Studio in San Francisco, quoted by the news source. "It dominates fashion, music and lifestyle. It crosses borders of ethnicity, socio-economic status and sexual preference – something that we haven't seen since the boom of hip-hop culture."

Hmm. Well, maybe when my bunions get to the point of impaired mobility, I'll just throw on a pair of high-top sneakers, some big headphones and blend with the rest of this comfort-conscious crew.