Bunion splints may prepare you for holiday parties

It's that time of year, ladies. Holiday office party season is upon us, a time when we share libations with co-workers in hopes that it will bring us closer together and help us see one another as people, rather than sources of annoyance and extra burdens at work. Maybe you'll have one too many free Cosmos from the open bar and make out with someone from the sales department, or perhaps you'll end up in a less-than-sober cry-fest with a former nemesis.

Whatever happens, you'll want to look your best, at least until everyone is too drunk to notice that you've kicked your shoes off and exposed your bunions.

One trend that I've been in love with for winter formal events is the tuxedo jacket with a pair of tailored, polished shorts. For those of us lucky enough to live in warmer climates, this ensemble allows us to show off your legs while still looking classy and put-together in a fun way. If you live north of the Mason-Dixon Line, pair this outfit with some opaque tights, whether they be plain black or a vibrant jewel tone. Whatever you do, avoid flats with this look, no matter how much your bunions are killing you. When we're talking about menswear-inspired ensembles, towering heels are a must in order to maintain femininity.

For me, nothing says holiday festivities quite like sequins and sparkle. Gold, silver, black, red, blue – they're all good in my book. A dress that is fully adorned in these sparkly flecks is an eye-catcher, ensuring that you will stand out in all of those crowded photographs that are sure to be snapped. Fashion website Polyvore has compiled all of its favorite sparkly high heels available this season, including some towering gold-flecked platform wedges by Michael Antonio Anderson and some rose-colored peep-toes with a rhinestone broach by Badgley Mischka.

Red or white ensembles are always holiday classics. However, you should avoid pairing the two shades to keep from looking like a sexy Santa Claus, unless that's what you're going for. A scarlet or cream-colored shift dress is simple and appropriate, and leaves you plenty of room to get creative with your shoes!

You have a few weeks to prepare for the festivities, so you may want to consider using bunion splints or orthotics in the meantime. After all, kicking off those towering pumps is inevitable and you don't want to turn off that cute sales guy.