What does Tim McGraw like about Faith Hill? A lack of bunions

Adorable crooning couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are like the prom king and queen of country music. What if you suddenly found out that one half of the wholesome duo is a potential foot fetishist?

Now, not to be a total gossip queen, but McGraw recently told Regis and Kelly that the first thing that drew him to Hill was her pristinely pedicured feet.

“I was still getting my career going and I saw a picture in Billboard magazine, with her laying on the couch and you could barely see her, but she had the prettiest feet,” McGraw said on the morning talk show. “No corns, no bunions or anything like that!"

Okay, fine, this doesn't exactly mean that the man is a "fetishist," per se, but it certainly drives home the fact that feet can often be a source of attraction. In fact, a Spanish study by researchers at the University of Bologna revealed that feet and toes are the most common fetish of any body part. Moreover, those who were into the tootsies were also very likely to get turned on by footwear, like high heels or knee-high boots.

All of this gossip inspired me to surf the web in search of other celebrities with foot fetishes. Apparently, rappers Big Boi, Ludacris and Cam'ron like to fondle feet, according to the blog TabloidProdigy.com. Not that shocking if you ask me. Have you heard some of the lyrics these men write? Also unsurprising are rumors that musician Marilyn Manson, burlesque performer Dita von Teese and drummer Tommy Lee have foot fetishes.

However, you may be interested to know that television host Brooke Burke, baseball player Alex Rodriguez, director Quentin Tarantino and actors Jack Black and David Boreanaz are all rumored to be into feet in the bedroom, according to the gossip blog. I also found it quite interesting that the very beautiful, very talented producer and musician Pharrell Williams has a thing for feet.

(Side note: A-Rod, Boreanaz and Williams are welcome to come knocking on Bunionella's door any time.)

Not to speak ill of the dead here, but I've also heard that the great American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald, artist Andy Warhol and Elvis Presley had foot fetishes. We may never know if this is true, but it remains an interesting fact to ponder.