Kelly Bensimon thinks she’s a shoe designer

Former model Kelly Bensimon was often the subject of vitriol during her stint on Bravo's The Real Housewives of New York. Now, the pseudo-celebrity is doing something good for society, even if it does involve blatant self-promotion.

E! Online reports that Bensimon is getting ready to release a line of ballet flats. Each pair of shoes will cost $39.99, with $3 from every sale going toward the Breast Cancer Research Fund.

The reality television star told the news source that it's "really exciting" to be able to contribute to breast cancer research. Additionally, she said that ballet flats are just the beginning.

"This is the start of a bigger Kelly collection. This is my first huge milestone and I'm hoping to bring all this great product and be able to be as charitable as possible on the largest scale possible," Bensimon said, quoted by the news source.

She said that she chose affordable ballet flats because she wanted them to be accessible to a number of people, not just those with padded wallets and the ability to walk in towering heels.

"These shoes are so hot, they speak for themselves. They don't need anybody to be wearing them," Bensimon said, quoted by E!

Well, give yourself a nice little pat on the back, Kelly. But know that your flats won't be doing your customer's feet any favors. (Also know that you make very little sense when you speak.)

According to Mike O'Neill, spokesperson for the Society of Chiropodists, flats lack arch support and can cause the toes to tense up, because people wearing this type of footwear often do this as an effort to keep the flimsy shoes from flying off, as quoted by the Daily Mail. Additionally, the news source spoke to another osteopath who reported that wearing flats can cause a person to alter their biomechanics.

This sounds like something that could exacerbate bunions, if you ask me.

Listen, if you want to keep bunions at bay, it's all about support. Having solid arch support is key in maintaining proper landing mechanics, which allow the foot to hit the ground evenly. When wearing either flats or high heels, the forefoot lands in an unnatural position, making it harder for a metatarsophalangeal joint that is predisposed to developing bunions – since the condition is largely hereditary – to stay in alignment.