Bunioned celebrities can make great Halloween costumes

Look at you lucky east coasters! Getting to celebrate Halloween two weekends in a row thanks to a snow storm. Whether you want to don a different costume or didn't get a chance to head out last weekend, Bunionella has some ideas for you. 

If you're anything like me, thinking up a Halloween costume each year is a total drag. Options range from a sexy incarnation of pretty much any noun you can think of to people in the news, or a combination of the two. (Last year, my seductive Chilean miner costume went over quite well, if I do say so.)

But since I've been hitting this blog pretty hard lately, I have bunions on my mind 24/7. As such, I think I shall use the bony deformity as an inspiration for this year's costume. But who should I choose? There are so many bunioned characters out there.

Take Oprah Winfrey, for instance. The talk show host has made her bunions a subject of discussion on her television show, and her website is chock full of advice on alleviating the condition. (I'd like to add here that O offers some seriously sound information on bunions, including the recommendation to use conservative methods of correction before turning to painful bunion surgery.)

I imagine that all I would need for an Oprah costume is a voluminous wig, a stylish pantsuit with a tiny microphone clipped on the lapel and a charismatic voice that gets the middle-aged women of America worked up into a tizzy over things like books and cupcakes. Perhaps sporting a bunion splint would top off the ensemble.

Victoria Beckham is rumored to have had bunion surgery, but that doesn't rule her out as a candidate for this year's Halloween getup. A Posh Spice costume comes with an added bonus: an excuse to purchase a pair of completely impractical and obnoxiously trendy towering high heels. I'd also need a wig cut into a blunt bob, some skin tight pants, oversized sunglasses and perhaps a baby doll to represent her latest progeny, Harper Seven.

A Sarah Jessica Parker costume would also give me a good reason to head to Barney's. The stylish Sex and the City star is rumored to have bunions, potentially as a result of cruising around Manhattan in Manolo Blahniks. Parker's red carpet style tends to be slightly retro with a modern twist, while on the street, she appears to prefer pegged, boycut jeans with a blazer and high heels.

Bunionella would love to hear from you about your bunion-centric Halloween costume ideas.