Hilarious British Comedienne Miranda Hart Opens Up About Bunion Condition

Miranda Hart is the brilliantly funny creator of her self-driven semi-autobiographical BBC sitcom Miranda, which is based on her earlier BBC Radio 2 radio series Miranda Hart’s Joke Shop. Her television sitcom ran for three series and several Christmas specials from 2009 to 2015 and earned several british television and comedy awards. Unfortunately, like millions of women around the world, she also suffers from Bunions, or Hallux Valgus.

In a stunning revelation during a recent interview, comedienne Miranda Hart has … Continue Reading

A conversation with a notable podiatrist, Dr. Robert Chelin

Dr. Chelin is the Past President and CEO of the Federation of International Podiatrists (FIP) as well as its Chairman of Economic Development and Website Committees. Chelin has been providing podiatric services to the residents of Ontario, Canada for over 29 years. Dr. Chelin and other key podiatry leaders recently met in Washington D.C. to celebrate the inauguration of the new president of the American Podiatric Medical Association at their House of Delegates meeting. Dr. Chelin is an authority on … Continue Reading

My Struggle with Bunions

Like millions of women around the world, bunions or “Hallux valgus” run in my family. A team of scientists at Harvard Medical School, Hebrew SeniorLife and the Institute for Aging Research analyzed the foot health data of more than 2,100 individuals to determine whether foot conditions are inherited. They discovered that about 39 percent of women and 38 percent of men had a hallux valgus deformity, also known as a bunion. Among these individuals, about 89 percent of those younger … Continue Reading

Foot pain could indicate a deeper problem

As people break out the strappy sandals and flip-flops for the summer season, many are also preparing for the foot pain that is associated with a more active lifestyle and less supportive footwear. Pain in the foot can be due to a problem in any part of the foot. Bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles, fascia, toenail beds, nerves, blood vessels, or skin can be the source of foot pain. The cause of foot pain can be narrowed down by location and … Continue Reading

The pros and cons of wearing heels

Your girlfriends may tell you that strapping your toes into stilettos will boost your confidence, make your legs look longer, give you a skinnier-looking figure or make you look more stylish. But what are the short-term and long-term effects? Is it really worth it – especially if you get a bunion in the process?

A little history …
This was shocking even for me — and trust me, I've heard it all — but high heels have been around since … Continue Reading

Why women are more likely to get the bunion blues

It is almost sadly ironic that women bear the brunt of a lot of foot problems out there. Not only do we bear children and pound the pavement while trying to break our industry's glass ceiling, we are inhibited from wearing the shoes we love because of annoying bunions!

Ladies, I have lived with this my whole life … and trust me, things are hard out there for us ladies – especially when it comes to feet. Yes, even … Continue Reading

So long, 2012! Enter: Winter’s worst foot problems

The ball has dropped, I have finally recovered from my hangover from New Year's Eve and have started to get back into the grind of daily life after the hub bub of the holidays. Although I thought rushing around for gifts and dancing the night away a few nights ago was going to to be the main cause of my foot pain, I have Old Man Winter to thank instead.

In case you haven't noticed yet … it's cold! … Continue Reading

2012’s worst celebrity bunions

As 2012 draws to a close, I often pause and reflect about everything I have experienced in the past year and draw out what my new year's resolution will be. If there is anything I have learned this year – besides the Mayans being wrong and how long-winded elections are – it is that women, typically celebrities, do not know how to take care of their feet!

To keep a reminder of why I need to love my toes at … Continue Reading

New Year’s and Red Carpet season are here: A primetime viewing of foot pain

So the holidays are finally over, snow has completely blanketed the ground outside of my home and all I want to do is prop up my bunion on the couch and take a breather or two. After weeks and months of shopping, endless holiday parties and the annual event of being around family members I hardly ever see, I think it is time for a little distraction and well-deserved "me" time.

Enter: The New Year's and Red Carpet season! Most … Continue Reading

What does your foot pain say about you?

A woman's gait has been romanticized by many songwriters over the years (you know … "It's in the way she walks …"), but is there any truth to whether or not my bunions reveal a powerful first impression? Apparently so, according to the Scientific American.

From job interviews to holiday parties and many horrific first dates, I have been through more than my share of first encounters. However, I never realized how quickly we "sum up" each other based on … Continue Reading